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Braves crush Astros in World Series Game 1
Oct 28, 2021, 5:35:00 AM

Braves crush Astros in World Series Game 1

The Atlanta Braves made a huge statement win in Game 1 of the World Series. The club stole the show with the 6-2 win and shocked a lot of fans who hoped that the Houston Astros would take the first win in the series.

The Braves won a total of 88 games in the 2021 season and they are not backing down from the biggest challenge of the run. They showed the rest of the league that they can win against one of the best teams to play in the final. The Game 1 win at the Minute Maid Park means that they have stolen the home ground advantage as well.

In the same theme of their season, the Braves got huge home runs from Jorge Soler and Adam Duvali. These two were the players the club got from their mad trade deadline dash to replace Ronald Acuna Jr who got injured. Coach Brian Snitker said they learned to adapt on the fly when it came to their games.

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‘We've been through this many times this year’, said Braves coach said. ‘Losing key components to our club. I mean, really key components. We're going to continue. It's not going to be an excuse or anything else. We're going to go out and continue to try and win games’.

The Braves used the strong attack made by AJ Minter and he was effective in the longest outing of 43 pitches. His big league career has been big for the teams and they did a great job when it came to their closing run, which was hard for the Astros to chase.

This was not the Astros that Dusty Baker wanted to see in the World Series. They are far from being the dangerous club that crushed every team they faced en route to to the World Series. They still have a chance to bounce back in the next games before the Braves can take control.

With Game 1 now in the books, the Astros need to find a way to turn the series into their favour. This is the chance to make history and both teams clearly want to win it all.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA