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Brewers stun Cubs in 14-4 win
Jul 1, 2021, 3:27:00 AM

Brewers stun Cubs in 14-4 win

There was always something special about the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers whenever they play. This game was nothing short of special as the Brewers stole the show with a clutch finish to win the game by a huge margin at 14-4.

Brewers president David Stearns has seen the long trend of intense games between the two clubs in the MLB. He is always keen to see a thriller whenever the Cubs come into town, and he got what he exactly wished for.

‘Cubs-Brewers over the last five years or so have been pretty intense’, said Stearns. ‘Every Cubs-Brewers game, it feels like you look up in the eighth inning and it’s a one-run game one way or the other’.

The eighth inning saw a tie game for the two teams, but that did not last long. It was one of the biggest games at the American Family Field, and they later saw the Brewers break out of a key tie to take over the rest of the game.

Christian Yelich and Luis Urias proved to be a menace on the defence while Jackie Bradley Jr. stole the show away to break the tie. The Brewers went on a 10-run burst as they finished the game with a 14-4 win. 

That was the team’s biggest inning in more than a decade. This win also made it sure that the Brewers would end up at the top of the National League Central to close out the half of the season.

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The Brewers have won their sixth game in a row, which is their best mark of the season to go along with 13 games over .500. The club has won a total of 25 out of 35 games since Willy Adames came into action for the club. He is glad to be of help for the team’s big win.

‘That was probably one of the best wins I’ve ever been a part of’, Adames said. ‘And this is just the regular season. That felt like the playoffs’.

Adames made his mark when he had a three-run home run that helped the team start a spark in the same inning. Keston Hiura hit the other as the club set their best record for scoring in a single inning since a 10-run in their win over the Washington Nationals in 2010.

This was also the sixth time that the Brewers had double digits in an inning. It is the first time for any team in the Majors to break a game open in the eighth inning or later by dropping 10 or more runs. The last team to do so was the Detroit Tigers with 13 in their 19-6 run at the ninth inning in August 2001.

The Brewers have a lot of games left to play, and they have a chance to impress a crowd of 30,251 and more with games just like this. 

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA