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Can Bob Melvin help the Padres bounce back in 2022?
Nov 23, 2021, 3:58:00 AM

Can Bob Melvin help the Padres bounce back in 2022?

The San Diego Padres were disappointing in the 2021 MLB season. With new manager Bob Melvin in charge, they hope to bounce back in 2022. Let’s look into how Melvin can help in the areas where former head coach Jayce Tingler lacked.

When the Padres approached Melvin for the Padres job, he was surprised because he thought they would look for other coaches. He still had a year in his Oakland Athletics contract where he spent the past 11 years. It was surprising because most baseball fans and pundits believed Melvin would still coach in the final year of his deal.

Padres general manager A.J. Preller is also known for taking big swings on coaches with limited MLB experience. With his hiring of Melvin, he signed a veteran coach who has proven to be a solid tactician over an 18-year career in the major leagues. Now, Melvin would have to fix the issues with the Padres when they were coached by Tingler.

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Melvin has inherited a talented championship-level squad

With Tingler’s departure, it is clear that he misused the squad in the 2021 season. He had immense talent but he squandered their chances of winning the World Series because of his lacklustre tactics. With Melvin at the helm, you can expect this team to be stronger. He is stronger tactically and he can use his experience from other teams in his new job at San Diego.

Since they have a strong roster with Fernando Tatís Jr. at the forefront, the Padres have a chance to finally live up to their potential. They were tapped as preseason favourites before the 2021 season but 2022 will be their best chance to surprise the rest of the MLB.

Expectations are not as high as before and the spotlight is not on the Padres. It also helps that Melvin himself is excited to coach in front of the fans.

He said, ‘We came here on a Tuesday night and there were 40,000 people here and it was electric. It is a true destination. And now with the fan base and the enthusiasm here and the roster; the roster is the real hook’.

Melvin will devise a plan for the Padres’ weaknesses

The Padres’ issues were at the forefront of their 2021 season. They need to fix both their consistency on pitching and batting. They can be hot one day, and cold, the next. With Melvin, they have a good coach who prioritizes a consistent level during an entire season.

This will build good habits for the season and playoffs after that. He is excited to coach the Padres as he believes they have a good team led by Tatís. It was a tough decision to move away from Oakland and the Bay Area but Melvin wanted a new challenge and this move to San Diego might just be the one he was waiting for.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA