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Can the Astros bounce back in 2022?
Nov 25, 2021, 3:02:00 AM

Can the Astros bounce back in 2022?

The Houston Astros came so close when they made it all the way back to the World Series - a year after their sign-stealing scandal came into light. They were ready for a big break, but then the club fell short in their series against the Atlanta Braves, and now they want to bounce back.

If there is any team in the MLB that deserved the chance at the World Series, that would be the Astros. The squad changed their lineup with a lot of tweaks in the management and so on. The club hoped that they could put up their chances better after that scandal, and they missed their window this playoffs.

The Astros shocked every club they faced in the playoffs. They crushed each club without any remorse. They were a team on a mission, and they did a great job to maximise their roster by changing up their plays for each opponent.

The brilliance of coach Dusty Baker was on display. Even though they fell short in the World Series, the coach proved that the Astros are a team that can win. That says a lot about their future in the MLB as one of the best clubs that can stand tall.

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The Astros are hungrier than ever

As much as the loss to the Braves matters, the Astros are yet to move on at this point. The team is one of the best in the past few years. While they were struggling to get back from the scandal, they worked on their games and improved well when they needed it the most.

The Astros were more efficient when it came to reading the other side. The club was very much concerned when it came to their defence, but it was their hunger that fueled their push for the World Series.

It was proven pretty much for the whole season. Baker’s antics changed the story for the team and they did a great job to show their growth in just a quick span. When the Los Angeles Dodgers won the league title, the team made some changes to their squad after learning from their mistakes.

Now that they came so close to the World Series, fans can expect them to be hungry more than ever.

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The Astros need a win to prove their worth

While winning does not necessarily mean a change for any team, perhaps the Astros need to win the World Series just to show that they can still pull off a successful run without cheating.

When the issue came out, fans were quick to denounce the Astros for their acts. They said the Astros robbed the league of a fair title win, and others even said that the title means nothing since it was won by a team that thrived by cheating in their games.

That shows how far the Astros need to go if they want to clear their reputation. The club still needs to win that title soon, and 2022 is the big year they need if they want to close out a huge finish that sees them with a World Series title on their hands.

If the Astros can pull off a win by 2022, their reputation would surely change. Fans would surely love the way they play their games for a change.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA