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Can the Cards carry the same pace in the playoffs?
Sep 30, 2021, 3:31:00 AM

Can the Cards carry the same pace in the playoffs?

The St. Louis Cardinals have clinched their spot on the Wild Card and have won their 17th game in a row at the same time. The Cards have been on a roll and they are pushing for more wins but there are doubts if the team can keep the same pace going into the playoffs.

Fans were roaring loud as the Cards took down the Milwaukee Brewers with a 6-2 win at Busch Stadium to push their streak to 17 games. The Cards have come all the way back from a big deficit to punch their ticket into the postseason.

With the Wild Card spot secured for the team, it all comes down to their chances of winning in the playoffs. The 2021 season hasn’t been that kind for the Cards but they have seized the chance to finish strong.

This puts a big check on their success en route to the playoffs. This is the time when clubs all go back to zero and play straight games against the same team, so there is a doubt on what they can do to win.

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The Cards can use their streak as fuel

Only six wins in their 17-game run have come from home. Most of the heroics and wizardry on defence came out in that win against the Brewers in front of 35,726 fans. It was all worth it and the team has carried a strong pace over the last few weeks.

The injuries are gone, and the Cards are ready to bring the full might of the roster against any team that would stand against them. The streak can be fuel for them as they need every push they can get in the playoffs. No one has the upper hand here except for those who have home advantage, but the roster, game and format stays the same.

There is no need for the team to worry. They have one of the best finishes in the league for the 2021 run, and their success proves that they are a stronger team than most expected them to be. No one saw the Cards cruising at this level, so they are a shock to many teams in the playoffs today.

On top of that, they had a big win against the Brewers. That win was special not only because it is a part of the streak, but it also puts them as the only team in the league to clinch a spot with a streak of 10 wins or more.

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A tall task is waiting for the Cards

The next team on the list for the Cards in the playoffs are yet to be known. However, it would only be between the 100-win Los Angeles Dodgers (the defending champs) and the 102-win San Francisco Giants (league leaders).

The Cards aren’t afraid. Their offence has been on fire and the streak proves it all. They are better than they were in the past few years. The club packs a serious punch that can deal a lot of damage and push any of the two teams into seven games.

This is a tall order, but the Cards are up for it. They have waited for this chance for so long and now is the time for them to step up and shine on the biggest stage of the Majors.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA