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Can the Mets make the most of their trades?
Jul 8, 2021, 3:58:00 AM

Can the Mets make the most of their trades?

The New York Mets are keen to make some big moves in the middle of the season. With a few players on the rise, the team is still set to get some key stars on the pitching side to make sure they get both ends ready for the second half of the 2021 run.

Over the past two weeks, the Mets have found some big boosts from their offensive line. The likes of Jeff McNeil, Michael Conforto, and Brandon Nimmo have all proved their worth at this point in time. Now the club is in search of key stars who could help them push for more wins.

The lineup should be all too well by the All-Star break. JD Davis is set to make a comeback from the injured list and this might be a huge force for the Mets in the long run. All that would just need to be helped by a huge addition in the pitching end.

The Mets are still set to go on without Carlos Carrasco until late July. Noah Syndergaard is far from okay and is set to return by September. Joey Lucchesi is out for the rest of the season.

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Adding more throwing power

With a lot of key players out, GM Zack Scott knows that the pitching side will be their top concern as they aim to land a few talents before the July 30 trade deadline. The GM insists that they will need a pitcher who could help them in their games.

The Mets are also eyeing the likes of Kyle Gibson, Germán Márquez, and many other talents who are still there for the taking at the deadline. The team is likely to make a move before the said date.

Scott knows that the Mets would need to make the same moves they did in the past few years. The process would take some time for sure but it does not mean that the team can’t do it again. The lineup and the bench are healthy - and that has taken off a huge issue they faced in the past few runs.

The market is still full of talents. Players such as Danny Tuffy or Tyler Anderson might just be the best option for the Mets at this point in time.

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Impact for a pitcher

The Mets are one of the best market teams in the MLB. They have a knack for getting some of the best talents and it does not matter if the player hails from the Minors or not. They are a great club to play for so far.

For one, Scott notes that there are still a lot of doubts about a player so they have to be wise in their picks. After all, money is not easy to come by for any team.

‘That’s not to go down a slippery slope and say, “Why trade for any rental, then, if it’s not going to make an impact?”’, the GM said. ‘You don’t want to go down that far. But the reality is the game is designed to limit the impact of a single player, whether that’s a starting pitcher or a hitter. So we have to be smart’.

Without some of their best stars in the game, the Mets are in need of a boost to make sure they get a good chance at the next few games they are set to play.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA