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Defending champs LA Dodgers are back to their peak level
Sep 6, 2021, 3:50:00 AM

Defending champs LA Dodgers are back to their peak level

After four months, the Los Angeles Dodgers are back in the top spot of the National League West. They are back to their peak level which is great for their chances of defending their title. This is big because people talked about how the Dodgers’ struggles take away from defending.

While the Dodgers hold a slim lead over the rest of their division, the likes of Chris Martin and Justin Turner carried the team to victory over the past few months. It has been a slow climb for the Dodgers because they had to spend a few weeks in third place and months in second place.

Dodgers head coach Dave Roberts talked about this as a good win but he is not overreacting just yet. Dave said, ‘It's a start. We're getting there. I think that we just got to continue to play good baseball. There's a lot of baseball left, and I just like the way our guys are just so resilient and pick each other up’.

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The slow climb back up

The Dodgers have struggled against top teams in the 2021 season but they have started to pick big wins over the past few weeks. This has led to their rise in the standings. It should not be a surprise that people see the Dodgers as a top team again because they have looked better compared to their slump at the start of the campaign.

While Turner and Martin have starred for the team, AJ Pollock has been one of the most stable players on the team. His presence makes him a reliable player for the Dodgers. Pollock talked about how the process has not been clean.

During their season sweep against the Atlanta Braves, Pollock was key to their success. He said, ‘I was just trying to see something a little bit up in the strike zone. It wasn't pretty. Just wanted to get the ball through the infield and watch JT fly around the bases like he always does, and it worked out’.

Elation about first place

Pollock is elated with first place and he wants the rest of the team to do the same. He said, ‘It feels great. Obviously, we're focusing on us and doing what we have to do and trying not to worry too much about what's going on outside of this locker room, but we knew if we took care of business that we'd be at the top’.

Reaching first place in their division is a big deal for the Dodgers. They are in the midst of a tough title defence campaign and they want to keep that going for the foreseeable future. The Dodgers are a strong team and they took a while to get going. They found the right momentum and they are looking to carry it over to the World Series.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA