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Looking at the MLB All-Decade team
Dec 27, 2019, 11:10:00 AM

Looking at the MLB All-Decade team

In baseball, where players can have careers that span over several years and decades, players can begin and end a decade still being valuable to their team.

Some players have had serious longevity in MLB this decade, while other players have fizzled out after excellent beginnings 

With players who have entered the league later unlikely to make the cut, we take a look at the names on the MLB All-Decade team.

Buster Posey takes the position at catcher, where his three World Series titles surely make him one of the most appropriate candidates.

 He edged out the next player, Yadier Molina, by quite a long way.

This is partly because Molina only has one World Series title, and also because Posey has a much stronger WAR, or Wins Above Replacement, statistic, by 41.2 to 32.9, so there is a clear gap.

Joey Votto gets in at first base despite competition from Miguel Cabrera, but the current Cincinnati Reds baseman wins it due to how many runs he has created, and how effective he has been in terms of on-base percentages.

It is hard to argue with how consistent he has been over the decade, and the 36-year-old has a 52.1 WAR.

At second base is Robinson Cano for his consistent and regular efforts over the 2010s, and he is still batting well for the New York Mets at the age of 37, so he gets the nod ahead of José Altuve. 

Altuve may well be ahead in his game right now, but he certainly has not been for the entirety of the decade, so it goes to Cano.

Shortstop has been given to Francisco Lindor, who has a 28.6 WAR, though he was not here for the start of the decade – he simply wins for having the highest peak.

Most options here – Andrelton Simmons, Carlos Correa and Troy Tulowitzki – only peaked in one half of the decade, just like Lindor, but he simply has the greater averages.

Coming in at third base is Adrián Beltré, who was genuinely one of the best talents in MLB in the early part of the decade, and with five finishes in the top 10 running for the MVP, it is easy to see why he gets the nod despite him bowing out before 2020.

Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Andrew McCutchen get the shout for outfielders, while pitchers is a harder topic but has to include Justin Verlander, Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw 

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Words: Mason Crain

Images: PA