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Mets pick Rocker at no. 10
Jul 14, 2021, 5:38:00 AM

Mets pick Rocker at no. 10

The New York Mets have landed Kumar Rocker with the 10th overall pick in the MLB Draft. The club has scouted the talent for months. Despite having little chance to land him, they are glad to bring him in and hope to see greatness from the star.

Now that they have Rocker on the roster, it is up to the Mets to bring out the best of the rookie. After all, the Mets are known for their grit and it has led to the rise of their talents in the past few months.

The Mets had to gamble their pick on this one. A lot of fans thought that Rocker would be picked earlier in the top spots. It was a delight for the Mets’ draft room when they reached the 10th pick and Rocker is yet to be drafted.

At that moment, Marc Tramuta and the rest of his scouts have set aside their reports on other players. This was the pick that they have been waiting for for some time now.

‘Don’t walk past the obvious’, the scouting director said. ‘For us, this was an obvious pick. This is an extremely talented young man that we just couldn’t pass’.

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The Mets now have the chance to put in one of the best college pitchers in recent memory. Rocker can move through the club’s system, and he is the sixth overall player on the Draft board.

At the age of 21, Rocker is a young star who could thrive at his big plays with the Mets. Who knows, maybe the rook can offer a spark that the Mets need on their pitching end with most of their lead stars out with injuries.

Scouting VP Tommy Tanous said that they have waited so long to get the best pick, and now they have finally found it.

‘We try not to scout on how quickly they get to the big leagues’, Tanous said. ‘We’ve tried to scout, at least for the last 10 years, on the best player, on the finished product’.

The Mets might just be the best team in the league sooner or later if they get Rocker to work well on his end.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA