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Pirates pick Davis as first overall in MLB Draft
Jul 13, 2021, 3:36:00 AM

Pirates pick Davis as first overall in MLB Draft

The Pittsburgh Pirates went on to come up with a big move in the MLB Draft as they took in Henry Davis. The Louisville catcher has a lot of promise in his game so far and there is a lot to expect from him in his rookie year and beyond.

Davis became the fifth player to be picked with the no. 1 slot by the club since Gerrit Cole was drafted with the first overall in 2011. The Pirates have a lot of faith in the Louisville talent and hope to see a lot from him.

Prior to the draft, Davis was set to be the fifth overall as said by MLB Pipeline. He is now the second catcher to go as the no. 1 pick in the past three years. Davis wants to win and help this club get where it needs to be.

Davis was picked thanks to his strength. The talent has thrown out 34% of his base steals in two years with Louisville. He has also polished his catch plays in his final two runs in college.

A lot of players in the first round had some offensive woes of their own. Davis had his own groove so far, going for a .370/.482/.663 slash line to go with 15 homers and 10 base steals.

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At the plate, Davis has been seen with a lot of exit plays and home run totals. He had a home run once that went for 450 feet, and it had a sharp ring with two deep echoes as well. It was a show of strength in his batting as well.

A part of that comes from his work in the games so far. He was a gym rat in his days at Louisville and he snuck out of class to put some work in the weight room as well. 

Davis is an elite star when it comes to his two-way plays. He had more walks than strikeouts this year and his career. GM Ben Cherington loved this trait so he made a huge call to draft him.

With his pick, Davis is now the second catcher from the same college to be drafted in the first round for the last six years. A lot of fans see Davis as a star with more power and a bigger arm, so he can make a lot of impact in the game for the Pirates.

The Pirates hope to see what Davis has to offer in his rookie year, and he should be able to impress right away in the game. The club will need all he can give in his game to make sure they can get to the top of the league table.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA