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Ryu back to his form ahead of the All-Star break
Jul 12, 2021, 3:59:00 AM

Ryu back to his form ahead of the All-Star break

Hyun Jin Ryu is back to his old form after a few months of struggles and a lot of woes in his games. The Toronto Blue Jays star worked hard to get back to his form which gives a boost to the team. 

The ace star proved that he is finally the star the Blue Jays have asked for this season. Ryu never lost control of his top game nor had an outing that felt like a true meltdown. His small misses were one of the reasons he’s been out of form lately.

As one of the best starters in the game, Ryu’s big surge early in July was a stunning sight for the club. They need him to be back on top of his games, and that is what he’s doing right now.

The Jays’ 10-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles last week was a huge stage for Ryu to show what he is made of. He had five innings of one-run ball, striking out seven in their win at Camden Yards. 

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It was not a perfect show but then he had a lot of life in his pitches - going for a peak of 92.8 miles per hour. The lefty has also worked on the edges of the plate better than he had in the past few months thanks to his cutter that has become his trademark as well.

‘Earlier in the season, my numbers were better and I put up some good outings’, Ryu said. ‘It’s the month of June I wish I could kind of take back. I’ve had some difficult outings, but going into the second half of the season, it’s a new chapter again so I’ll just keep focusing on that’.

Ryu closes out the first half of the season with 3.56 ERA in his first 98 ⅔ innings. Both April and May were clearly far from his run in June, and he rolls well as the top star for the Jays this year. This just means that the club just got a big boost in their pitching side.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA