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The Seattle Mariners are picking up steam in the MLB
Sep 9, 2021, 3:36:00 AM

The Seattle Mariners are picking up steam in the MLB

The Seattle Mariners’ place in the MLB standings is continuing to improve over the past few weeks. Kyle Seager has been a standout in recent weeks. They lost to the Houston Astros on the 6th of August but they have improved from their slow start to the 2021 season.

The Mariners came to the desert and they beat the Arizona Diamondbacks on their home ground. This was a solid stretch of games in their bid to reach the American League Wild Card. The Mariners want to end the team’s abysmal postseason drought over the past two decades. They want to play for a spot in the playoffs because the past 20 years have been rough for the organization.

Even if the Astros have a significant lead over Seattle, the Mariners are looking to chase their AL West rivals. They also have to beat the Oakland Athletics who have a similar record to Seattle as they look to compete for that playoff spot.

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Confidence matters

Mariners head coach Scott Servais does not typically look at other teams’ box scores and stats during Seattle games but he admitted looking at it so he can motivate his team in the right way. He knows his team is filled with great players but they need the push in the right direction so they can win more games towards the playoffs.

Servais has confidence in his team to perform for the rest of the campaign. He said, ‘This is a special team. And we need some help, there’s no question about it, we need a little help here along the way. You need some other teams to stub their toe. But we can only control so much, and that’s what we do on the field. We knew before the game started what the situation was today. Our players knew it. But you’ve still got to go out and play’.

This kind of self-confidence is good for the team because they need to perform at a high level. Seattle needs to make the playoffs and the team has been boosted by Servais’ coaching staff’s confidence in them.

Seager is back at the top level

Seager is playing like one of the best players in the league. He has been hitting well which has not gone unnoticed by the coaching staff and the fan base. Servais is ecstatic about his star player’s resurgence.

The head coach said, ‘He’s seeing the ball really good right now, and people that have seen Kyle Seager play for a while know that when he’s seeing the ball good, he’s getting his good swing off, he’s going to swing at the right pitches. Didn’t surprise me, we had the right guy up’.

It will be fun to watch the Mariners for the rest of the campaign because they are motivated to end their 20-year playoff drought.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA