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The St. Louis Cardinals surprisingly let go of Mike Shildt
Oct 18, 2021, 3:14:00 AM

The St. Louis Cardinals surprisingly let go of Mike Shildt

With an eye towards the future, the St. Louis Cardinals made a surprising move by dismissing former NL Manager of the Year, Mike Shildt. Cards president of baseball operations John Mozeliak cited a philosophical difference with the team's direction.

Mozeliak also outlined a disconnect between Shildt and the front office. It was building up for a long time and it came to a head over the past few weeks. The president didn’t detail the topics that they had disagreements about but you can expect that Shildt wanted more support from the front office that they were not willing to give.

This was a disappointing ending to Shildt’s time with the Cards because he led the team to solid records over the years. He spent four years with the Cards and three as its manager. They were solid every season but they never got to the World Series. The Cards might have wanted a refreshing outlook but it was a shame that they had to let go of Shildt when he was producing consistent success.

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The reasoning is unclear which has irked fans

It is a shame that Shildt had to go and the reasoning behind his firing was unclear. Mozeliak just released a generic statement that avoided specific reasons behind the dismissal of the successful manager.

The president said, ‘The decision we made has been made, and ultimately we have to stand by that, because that's the decision we decided on. These are not easy. Mike Shildt was in the Cardinal organization a long time. This was not something that we came to quickly, it was not something that we just jumped on to, but I will say that, where we are is what we felt was in the best interest of the organization’.

There were underlying reasons behind what he said. That information will most likely stay behind closed doors but it’s a shame that the fans did not receive a proper explanation. They loved Shildt as the team’s manager but he was removed from his post even after a strong season.

The Cards have to find a replacement

The Cards have internal options to replace Shildt but they have to let the dust settle first. They will most likely undergo a coaching search first to look for possible options outside of the Cards system. In the meantime, Cards coaches Oliver Marmol and Stubby Clapp will likely receive interviews for the position due to their familiarity with the squad.

Clapp himself has been interviewed for managerial jobs in the past which makes him a top contender. The Cards need to find a good candidate because the front office will be hard to satisfy. They were not pleased with Shildt, who was already a strong manager, to begin with.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA