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World Baseball Classic 2023: Chinese Taipei team schedule
Feb 16, 2023, 8:03:00 AM

World Baseball Classic 2023: Chinese Taipei team schedule

The 2023 World Baseball Classic kicks off on March 8, and the best teams are prepping for wild matchups in the tournament—including the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) squad. Find out who they're up against in Pool A. 

How will the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team fare against the competition, and what does their team schedule look like? The squad has to come out victorious from their first games before they can advance to WBC's second round or quarterfinals.

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Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)’s following matchups ahead of the 2023 WBC

As the 2023 WBC sets its stage on March 8, below is the early Taiwan schedule for their games in the group stage. Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) gets a home-ground advantage as all these Pool A matchups will be played at Taichung Stadium in Taiwan.

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) vs Panama (March 8) 

The squad will start the WBC 2023 against Panama, who just got qualified to participate in the tournament last October 2022. Panama beat Brazil during a six-team double-elimination on their home turf during the qualifying rounds. 

Panama's qualification is certainly something to pay closer attention to. But considering they just hit this qualification milestone, this will be a warm-up matchup for Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). 

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) vs Italy (March 10) 

Next on the Taiwan players' schedule will be against the Italian squad, with three confirmed players in the lineup. Trey Mancini, David Fletcher, and Jordan Romano are all officially declared to play for the team in the 2023 WBC. Italy's overall pitch play might be a concern for the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team. 

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) vs Netherlands (March 11) 

For many years, the Netherlands has hovered somewhere around the middle of the rankings. As the third team in the Taiwan team schedule, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) is expected to win the match easily, especially if they gain momentum after winning their previous two matchups. 

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) vs Cuba (March 11) 

Cuba is among the top-tier teams that the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) will have to go through in the early Taiwan competition schedule if they want to advance to the second round. The notable player joining the roster is Yoenis Cespedes, who is currently 37 years old and about to make a comeback since playing for the New York Mets in 2020. 

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Top players for the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) national team

The Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team has great players who can help make a run for a title in the WBC. Here are a few standout players who will make a huge impact and difference when playing: 

Yu Chang

Yu Chang is a talented infielder who plays for the Tampa Bay Rays in the MLB and has incredible defensive capabilities that will help stop any run from happening. His baseball IQ and his nifty athleticism will jolt the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) national team to many wins in the competition. 

His awareness of the game's defensive side will set the foundation for how they will keep the best players from scoring runs. Alongside his other talented teammates, Yu Chang is important to the team's overall game plan as the WBC approaches. 

Sung Chia-Hao

Sung Chia-Hao is probably among the most underrated pitchers in the 2023 WBC. He can throw impressive curves and fastballs at an incredible speed while throwing off even the best batters in the game with his excellent precision. 

Despite having a long list of pitchers for the team, Sung still stands out from the rest due to his impeccable talent. Is he the best pitcher in the tournament? Probably not, but he is more than good enough to set up plays for other complementary pieces in the team to shine when the action occurs. 

Nien-Ting Wu

Nien-Ting Wu is an infielder for the Saitama Seibu Lions and will be a huge defensive impact on the WBC field. When paired with the other units in their lineup, this player is a great complimentary piece. He will boost their catch percentage through the roofs as more teams find it harder to score with both Wu and Yu Chang in the infield positions. 

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Predictions for the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team in the 2023 WBC

The tournament may have few teams with a legitimate chance of winning, but the competition is still wide open to any team participating. Like other international competitions between countries, the pressure will soon take over, and upsets are bound to happen. 

But can the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) squad withstand the pressure and win the tournament? Here are a few predictions for the Taiwan team coming into the 2023 tournament: 

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team roster: Are they any good? 

The team's starting lineup is a mix of players from different baseball leagues worldwide. Returning baseball sensation Yu Chang will be a huge improvement on the defence. The roster also features pitchers like Sung Chia-hao and Wei-Chung Wang, and popular infielders Tzu-Wei Lin and Tsung-Che Cheng. 

Yu Chang's 2023 WBC participation  

Yu Chang's previous statement of not wanting to play for the WBC Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) team has received negative reactions, but he has retracted it and instead stated to join the squad if called up. The popular infielder has already been confirmed to be a part of the Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) roster in the 2023 WBC. At 27, Yu Chang will add a lot of depth to the roster and provide a defence to the team. 

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