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World Baseball Classic: China team schedule
Feb 22, 2023, 1:06:00 AM

World Baseball Classic: China team schedule

China has been an underrated baseball country through the years, and they want to change that with their performance in the upcoming 2023 World Baseball Classic. They are underdogs but want to stand among the contending teams in the spotlight. 

China has played in all four editions of the World Baseball Classic so far. They want to cement itself as one of the best baseball countries alongside its Asian neighbours, Japan and South Korea. It was a tough run in 2017 for China as they finished in last place and did not make it past the Group Stage.

With this upcoming Chinese national team baseball campaign, the schedule is filled with some of the toughest matches possible. They want to bounce back from the previous run where they finished last. Learn more about their games and make wagers on them here at 

The Chinese baseball team schedule

The Chinese national team is filled with talents that deserve the spotlight. They are not the top team that most people expect, but hard work is being done behind the scenes. Their best players have a competitive nature that resonates with most of their fanbase. 

China is naturally strong in sports, and they want to break into the top tier of baseball. They have a huge chance to do so in their World Baseball Classic group, which will be played in the Tokyo Dome. 

China vs Japan (March 9)

This will arguably be the toughest matchup for China because Japan is filled with star players with significant experience and remarkable talent. 

In terms of talent, most people will point to Japan as the superior team, but you should not ignore Chinese players. Alan Carter, a player for the Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball, is the star of this team. Multiple promising youngsters support him, but he also has a veteran like Ray Chang to guide them to victory. 

Japan has some superstar-level talent, with Shohei Ohtani as the top star. However, he also has another top-tier player like Yu Darvish with him to sharpen their skillset against the Chinese squad.

China vs Czech Republic (March 10)

This is the Czech Republic's first foray into the World Baseball Classic, which means they have a point to prove. They want to be a team that can join the likes of Japan, the United States, and Cuba at the top of the sport. It will be tough for them because they will have to play against a motivated Chinese team. 

The top players from the Czech side are Martin Červenka and former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Marek Minařík. They will have to showcase the Major League experience since that is an asset for their momentum that can help them win. However, China will be a tough matchup because they are similarly talented. 

China vs Australia (March 11) 

The 2023 Australian team has star players leading the charge as Warwick Saupold, and Aaron Whitefield will use their MLB experience to play at their peak level. Australia reached 9th place at the previous WBC and wants to build on that momentum.

China will need to match the work rate that Australia will play with because energy can get them a long way. The squad is filled with youngsters who are eager to perform at that level. The veterans will guide them through the bumps, and they can win this match based on the energy they provide and the powerful hits they can make. 

China vs South Korea (March 13) 

Aside from Japan, South Korea is the best team in Asia. China wants to reach that level but to do that, and they have to beat their rivals. South Korea is talented and is always a hard matchup for anyone, including China.

The South Korean national team has a strong squad with high-calibre MLB players. Kim Ha-Seong and Go Woo-suk are always relied upon because they are MLB-level players. With that talent, their leadership will matter for the rest of the talented squad as they set an example for success.

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Who will be the standout players for China? 

At the 2023 WBC, China has a strong lineup of players headlined by star-level talents. They are not yet known to the wider public, but you can expect them to show immense skills on the field, and some of them have experience playing outside their home country. 

Alan Carter

With a name like Carter, most people will be surprised to know that he is a Chinese player through and through. He is a player in the minor league team of the MLB side Los Angeles Angels. 

He is a relief pitcher in the US, but he will most likely star for this Chinese squad. Take note of this player because he will be a regular starter for this squad, especially if he gets momentum from the best team. With a variety in his pitches, Carter can strike out any batter. 

Ray Chang

The Chinese national baseball team has struggled in the past, but they always have Chang as their stalwart. He is a fantastic batter with solid power which got him noticed in Minor League Baseball (MiLB). He had stints with the San Diego Padres and Minnesota Twins. 

He is a flexible player who can catch balls, but his leadership is also valuable for the rest of the team. Chang can relay his experiences to the rest of the team while maintaining a solid position at shortstop or 1st base.

Yusuke Masago

Masago has prolific experience as he played 180 games in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball league with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks. He will use his acquired skills and abilities to thrive in international competitions and help the Chinese national team. 

He is a wily veteran who can contribute to a winning team. He is an outfielder who will look to be a standout with his defence and his batting when needed. Masago will most likely be the player who steps up to the plate for China. The rest of the team has to rely on him since most of them are pretty young, aside from the previous players named here.

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China predictions at the World Baseball Classic

China is an underdog at the 2023 World Baseball Classic. They will have to exceed expectations to make a big splash which they are ready to do. They have players like Carter and Chang who want to reward their country's belief in them by performing at their peak. 

These predictions will most likely happen for China at the event.

The starting lineup for China

  • Centrefield: Chen Chen

  • 1st baseman: Ray Chang

  • 2nd baseman: Chen Chen

  • Shortstop: Cao Jie 

  • 3rd baseman: Luan Chenchen

  • Left fielder: Masago Yusuke 

  • Centrefield: Alan Carter

  • Relief pitcher: Ju Kwon 

China’s tactics at the WBC

They do not have the same talent level as Japan, but China wants to cement itself at the group's top with their hard work. They need to play with pace, and that will be their main piece of strategy. China will want to stay speedy with running bases, but they can also slug it out with hits to overpower their opponents.

However, their pitching will rely on players like Carter making individual plays. The rest of the team must follow his lead because the momentum they can build will lead to solid success. Manager Dean Treanor will have to open his bag of plays because if China has structure around their team, they can make waves at the WBC.

Veterans like Chang will need to perform at their peak

China is not a veteran-laden team like Japan which should be a good sign that the team has people who can lead the way to victory. They will have to play some promising youngsters, but they have solid guidance because they have useful veterans like Chang and Carter. It will be a rough road ahead, but you will see that the veterans are up for the challenge, so you should keep an eye on moving forward.

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Words: Cholo Martin