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What's next for the Yankees?
Oct 18, 2021, 3:03:00 AM

What's next for the Yankees?

The New York Yankees ended their run in the 2021 season after a tough loss to the Boston Red Sox. The club is back to the drawing board again and they are set for a big shift in the next MLB run.

The Yanks looked good on paper to begin the 2021 run. They were the biggest team in New York and their rally all the way to the American League Wild Card Game was a historic push by the squad. It was not seen in years and they found a lot of success over the season.

The up and down ride has been fun, but it all ended when the Yanks fell short of what could have been a deep push in the playoffs. Coach Aaron Boone said it was tough to lose against one of their tough rivals, and no one knows if that is his last game with the club.

Heading into a long summer, the Yankees may have a lot to work out on and they need to get a big change if they want to bounce back and end their woes. This brings the club to a long road ahead with more doubts still unsolved.

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The Yankees may look to move on from Boone

The main question for the team is who will step up if they ever move on from Boone. The Yankees are yet to find a new man to take over, and they are not saying anything about the coaching spot up to this moment.

The last time the Yanks changed their coach, it was Joe Girardi who learned his fate just five days after they were ousted in the 2017 American League Championship Series. Most rumours point that Boone and the Yankees may be working on a new deal.

Boone’s .601 winning rate in the season works for his case, but the 11-11 record in the playoffs is a topic for another day. He has only seen the ALCS once with a stacked roster, and that speaks volumes about his lead with the Yankees over the years.

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Hal is yet to ask for changes

Hal Steinbrenner is still quiet which is a good note for the Yanks so far. The GM has preached patience and he wanted to see the run through before he made any more moves. Now that the club fell out of the playoffs, it is time for him to make his plans known.

The Yankees won 51 of their 82 games to make it to the playoffs, but the club did not live up to the hype of being an elite team that Hal has promised over the years. The team has not even reached the World Series since 2009, and they have only won the AL East twice in the last nine years.

The team’s lacklustre performances and the lowly success they had in the 2021 run may be enough for Hal to change his pieces, but that remains to be seen as the Yankees regroup in their summer break.

If the Yankees fail to make tweaks in the summer, then there is nothing new to expect from the team. They may be motivated by the loss, but zero changes mean it would be the same roster, just a new run.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA