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Which MLB teams are the contenders for 2022?
Dec 2, 2021, 11:05:00 AM

Which MLB teams are the contenders for 2022?

The MLB’s 2022 season will come back at a bigger pace for most teams in the league. After the shocking finish in the 2021 World Series, fans are keen to see more action from the clubs this season. 

With the Atlanta Braves coming up big in the World Series against the Houston Astros, the MLB proved to be a much more intense league than ever. Fans have never seen a hotter playoffs than before which gives a lot of hope for many teams in the long run.

The World Series stands as one of the toughest series in the world, and fans can expect to see more from the top clubs in the league. This proves a growing standard in the MLB and the better look they bring in their games as the top clubs try to show off in their runs.

With the 2022 season brewing up, most clubs are building up their roster. There are many storylines that will lead up for a club’s hopes of winning a league title. Here are some of the top teams who have a chance to contend for the league title in the 2022 World Series:

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San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants were one of the teams that had a lot of hopes in the 2021 World Series. The team finished with the best record in the MLB at 107-55, and most fans hoped that they could make it to the title finish back then. They fell short and were taken out by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Division Series in just six games.

Perhaps finishing with the best record in the league is a huge feat, but failing to win the title at the same time is another story that will haunt them in the years to come. It is almost the same when the Golden State Warriors finished with a 73-9 record but blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals.

That puts levels on how much pressure there is for the Giants to win. It is a must for them to win the league title as they will likely pick up the pace where they left off in the past run. The Giants will likely try to push for more success in the coming run and they will have a tough battle against the best teams in the league.

On top of that, the Giants will also need to deal with their rivals, the Dodgers, in the same division.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

The LA Dodgers were the second-best team in the league just next to the Giants in terms of record. The LA club finished with a 106-56 record, and they were just one game behind the club for the top spot in the National League West. 

Their only big success in the playoffs was perhaps beating the Giants in the Division Series. Most fans expected the Giants to come up with the win, but they used their home stadium advantage in Game 6 to close out the series in six games. Other than that, it was still a blunder.

The Dodgers won the league title in the 2020 run and their title defence went awry at this point. The team was a force in their games for the 2021 run and yet falling short in the League Championship Series against the Braves was a huge slap to the face. That shows how much work they need to do to tweak their roster and hopefully get a chance to win in the league games.

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Atlanta Braves

The defending champs defied all odds in the 2021 season thanks to their grit. The Braves tweaked their roster in the middle of the run and their games were a big hit over the months. The Braves finished with an 88-73 record to top off the NL East.

Fans say that they deserved their first title win which says a lot about the performance they had against the Astros in the World Series.

The Braves proved the rest of the league that they have what it takes to win. They didn’t give up when they faced a lot of tough challenges along the way and it was easy to expect that the Atlanta club would do their best to win.

Beating the Dodgers was a huge feat, but perhaps crushing the Astros in the World Series turned out to be a better story. This makes them a top pick and no one can deny the fact that they are still gunning for a league title.

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Houston Astros

The Astros were denied a chance at redemption in the World Series. The team did a great job to show that they deserve to win again after all that blunder thanks to the sign-stealing scandal. Adding coach Dusty Baker was a wise move that saw them thrive after two years, and they were so close to clinching a title once more.

Houston finished with a 96-67 record in the season, and they fought hard to get all the way to the league final. The team would surely try again with the hopes of proving their worth as a team that can win the league title without cheating.

The 2022 season will be an exciting game to watch, and fans can expect all of the teams to make a dashing run at the top to get the best chance at the league title. 

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA