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Why Matz's four-year deal is huge for the Cardinals' potential
Nov 29, 2021, 3:31:00 AM

Why Matz's four-year deal is huge for the Cardinals' potential

The St. Louis Cardinals desperately needed a left-handed presence on the squad. They just signed Steven Matz to a four-year deal to fill that need. He agreed to a four-year $44 million deal to serve as a steady player for the starting rotation.

At 30 years of age, Matz is coming off a solid season where he pitched a 3.82 ERA across 29 stars for the resurgent Toronto Blue Jays. It was a stellar 2021 season for Matz as he proved that he deserved another contract. He was supposed to sign with the New York Mets but the deal fell through. 

This led the Cardinals to swoop in and sign him to this four-year deal. It is a good move from the Cards as they found a solid player who can lead their squad to some solid innings. He was one of the biggest unsung heroes of any team in 2021 and now, he found a team that can appreciate him more.

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The Cards are lucky to get Matz

When there was a bidding war for Matz’s signature, it was expected that he would sign with the Mets. However, the New York ballclub failed to secure his signature because the Cards managed to woo Matz to sign with their team. 

The Mets themselves were not pleased with what happened because they thought it was a done deal. Now, they have to look for another option that can serve as a pitcher to their team. Mets owner Steve Cohen was not pleased with what happened because he felt slighted by Matz’s agent who was talking to the Mets about a potential deal.

The Cards are lucky to get Matz because he is committed to the team. Matz loves that he is close to home with just a five-hour drive away from Nashville which is his full-time home. This means that his family can go to the games and he can be inspired to perform. 

The Mets would’ve been a great landing spot for Matz especially since he started his pro career there. However, he loved the fit with St. Louis and it’s hard to fault him for following his heart.

The Cards are better with Matz on the squad

Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo was happy with Matz in the 2021 season. Unfortunately, Matz did not re-sign with the ballclub but he was stellar. Charlie himself was a big fan of Matz, even branding him as an underrated star.

The Blue Jays coach said, ‘He's been one of the unsung heroes here. Nobody expected him to pitch like that. Almost every time out, he goes five, six innings and keeps us in the game. He's been really good. Great, actually. Not good, great’.

Now, the Cards will have four years of Matz in their squad and they can enjoy his reliability on the mound.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA