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Why signing Wade Miley is important for the Chicago Cubs
Nov 10, 2021, 3:55:00 AM

Why signing Wade Miley is important for the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs entered the 2021-22 offseason with a mission. Cubs president Jed Hoyer intended to improve the squad’s rotation starting with Wade Miley. The pitcher joined the Cubs after the Cincinnati Reds decided to skimp on the money in re-signing him.

The Cubs were glad to scoop Miley off the waivers and they even picked the pitcher’s $10 million team option for the 2022 season. Miley will join a rotation that has Kyle Hendricks and Alec Mills as the front-runners for the spot. This will mean that Miley will have to fight for a rotation spot.

Hoyer has been on the record about how the Cubs’ pitching has been underwhelming. He said, ‘We need to dramatically improve our pitching. I don't think there's any question about that. Our starting rotation simply wasn't good enough this year to compete’.

This will help the Cubs’ pitching coach Tommy Hottovy to have more options in the squad. Miley is reliable enough to play a role in this rotation which strengthens the overall quality of the squad.

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The Cubs will have a more improved solid pitching squad

With three solid options in the pitching department, the Cubs are already much-improved in their woeful pitching squad from the 2021 season. The Cubs have needed someone like Miley who can stabilize the team when they need a pitcher. The other options on the squad have failed to step up to the occasion and Miley can be the solution to that issue.

Hoyer admits that Miley can be the solution they have been waiting for their 2.6 WAR which was good for last in the National League and 29th overall in the MLB. He said, ‘That'll be the No. 1 priority. Because that, said simply, was the downfall of this season, that our rotation was short and we weren't effective enough in terms of run prevention’.

If Miley is inserted in the rotation, you can expect him to perform to his highest level. He knows that the team needs him but he has to beat the other two in the rotation first. If he impresses the coaching staff and the rest of the team enough, you can expect the Cubs to be a top contender in the 2022 season.

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Miley will be motivated to perform for the Cubs

If you watched Miley play for the Reds during the 2021 season, you could’ve seen that he was actually a lowkey Cy Young Award contender. With that kind of level of performance, Miley believed that he deserved to be paid for his efforts. The Reds were not willing to pay him which led to the Cubs scooping him up.

With a renewed source of motivation, you can expect Miley will be ready to perform at his peak. It’s interesting to see that the Reds were not willing to pay him after his contributions in the previous season. Reds fans are livid about what happened because they loved seeing Miley play as their main pitcher.

The now-former Reds pitcher will have to prove himself yet again with a new team. However, this environment might be better for him because the Cubs already appreciate his role in the team. The Reds organization did not value him enough but the Cubs do.

A good baseball star will be playing his role on a good team. Chicago is a great landing spot for Miley since he wants minutes and David Ross implements a system that will use him properly when the regular season starts up in mid-2022.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA