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Why the Braves need to keep Freeman
Nov 23, 2021, 3:43:00 AM

Why the Braves need to keep Freeman

The Atlanta Braves enjoyed a huge rally in the 2021 season after closing out the run with a World Series title. Freddie Freeman is one of the key names the club should aim to keep as he played a huge role in their title win.

It is easy to say that Freddie is already the face of the Braves in his stint with the team. That is a spot that he’s been holding for some time now. His run with the team for over a decade and his success has been the bar that is followed by most players.

As his future turns to free agency, the Braves want to keep him for more years to come. This means a bigger budget for his salary and the Braves need to contend with offers from various teams who also want his services.

The Braves drafted Freeman back in 2007 in the second round. The star turned his career into one of the biggest pieces for the club, which is why they need to keep him for good if they want to win more league titles.

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Freeman is a big star for the Braves

Freeman is one of the valuable stars for the Braves in the 2021 run. With five all-star appearances, three Silver Slugger awards, the 2020 National League MVP, and the World Series title, Freddie just makes a strong case as a top star.

The star saved some of his best games in 2021 for last. He was a strong force for the Braves’ World Series run. Freddie topped his 169 wRC+ during the playoffs and was a beast in their series against the Milwaukee Brewers when he nailed that winning home run in Game Four.

Despite Joc Pederson’s heroics, Freeman still had his highest cWPA game of the seasons and that even made him the best player of that series. He was also a constant power in the series against the 2020 champs Los Angeles Dodgers. He nailed big scores against LA despite being shadowed by the likes of Eddie Rosario.

The win against the Astros was also a huge statement. He showed his dominance as he made key hits and it was his solo homer that closed out the title as well. He even tied the tally for most home runs in a postseason with Fred McGriff.

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Freeman is still in his prime

The Braves are reaping the benefits of winning the World Series. The club is now seen as one of the bigger clubs with a huge market, and at the same time, Freeman will be more expensive after his big run in the 2021 season.

For the next few years, it is easy to expect that Freeman will be posting big stat lines at the .300/.400/.500 range as well. With an extension in line for the star, the Braves may have to do better than that as they need to fend off other clubs who have an interest in him.

Freeman is the gem that the Braves need to keep to stay hot in the coming runs. The star has been special for the club so far and keeping him would be wise as they look to build a dynasty. 

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA