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Why the Giants are a team to root for in the 2022 MLB run
Dec 10, 2021, 5:14:00 AM

Why the Giants are a team to root for in the 2022 MLB run

The San Francisco Giants are one of the best teams in the 2021 MLB season, but they also came up short in the playoffs despite having a strong finish to that run. The club now hopes to get another chance at winning games and the World Series soon.

The Giants are hoping to get the best results in their games for the 2022 season. It has been a wild run for the Giants so far but they are staying competitive. Fans expect more from the club as they aim to improve from their mistakes for a better chance at the league title.

So far, the Giants have made a tough finish in the playoffs. The club has worked hard to get the best of their roster so far. They have been busy with the farming over the years, and their success on the rookies was praised by a lot of fans and analysts.

The Giants are not giving up in the battle just yet. After so many failures, the club now wants to boost their success in the coming games. There are a lot of hopes that the Giants would get their first title since 2014.

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Giants still need to prove their worth

Gabe Kapler’s squad is yet to show their grit as one of the best teams in the MLB. The club has amassed a whole roster of stars and yet they are still working out their tactics to win. The Giants are in dire need of more chemistry as they can’t figure out a way to thrive with various lineups.

Having the likes of Jose Alvarez, Alex Wood, Anthony DeSclafani and even Alex Cobb is big for any roster. They have set the standard for every batting and pitching within the team but they are yet to prove that they can win games.

The Giants are one of the MLB’s best teams, no doubt, but they need to show the rest of the world why they deserve the respect that the recent champions Atlanta Braves have from the league fans. The Bay club hopes they can make the most of their chances this 2022 season.

If the Giants are looking to win a title, they need to make sure that they will make a lot of changes in terms of pitching plays, batting lineups and so on. This is going to affect their overall results should they ever pull it off.

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The Giants were humiliated in the playoffs

The Giants came up with the best record in the MLB for the 2021 season. The team is working hard to ensure that they can get the best wins of the run, and they almost pulled it off. They finished with a 107-55 record for the season along with a .660 winning rate. They were 54-27 at home and went 53-28 on the road.

If it wasn’t for the winning run they had in the season, this whole playoff push could have been so much different. They faced the Los Angeles Dodgers - the second-best team in the league - in the Division Series. Most fans expected the Giants to pull off a stunning win as they did in the season.

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However, the series took a different turn in the games. The Dodgers were far more experienced than most people think, and they fought their way to get a 3-2 win at home. That shocked a lot of fans all over the world. The once formidable Giants were just mere mortals after all and no one expected them to get beat early in the playoffs.

The advantage of the top spot was to get home field more than the lower team. It is one of the standards that the MLB has seen over the years, and the Giants wasted that. It was supposed to be over in at least Game 4 or 5, but they blew their chances instead.

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The Giants are hungrier than ever

Thanks to that loss, the Giants were back to the drawing board. The team could not get much done in the summer as well, so it is all about going for a revamp or at least a change in the coaching job. That depends on how the Giants see it as a whole, and they need to make sure they will be flawless in the coming games.

They still have a lot of time before Spring Training comes into play, so the Giants can use their fuel to improve. This is a huge challenge for the Giants and every fan knows that it will be a huge task for them in the coming months.

On top of that, the 2022 season will be a big one for the Giants simply because they are one of the hungriest teams in the league. The Giants have a long way to go, and they would surely hope for a bigger finish in the 2022 season.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA