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What you need to know about SEA Games basketball
May 24, 2022, 6:10:00 AM

What you need to know about SEA Games basketball

Basketball is one of the most-viewed sporting events in the world. With the National Basketball Association (NBA) spearheading its fame, there are other orgs that have followed its footsteps—much like the SEA Games. 

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful game of basketball. Each pass that forms into a unique synergy of moves that create an offence that shows a flow of motion only this sport can provide is nothing more than an exceptional feeling when watched. 

With this, a lot of players aspire to become professional basketball players. Despite its rich culture in the West, especially in the United States, it’s apparent that basketball has impacted Asian countries as well. 

More specifically, Southeast Asia is home to one of the most loyal basketball fans. As the sport gets incredibly influential in several Southeast Asian countries, a set of games was formed to commemorate the sports’ impact on the other side of the world. 

How are basketball Southeast Asian Games curated and why is it even worth paying attention to? Aside from its sheer fun factor that keeps fans glued to their seats, here are other reasons why the tournament is also a must-watch. 

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What makes SEA Games basketball worth paying attention to? 

One of the most important aspects of basketball is its diverse nature and global impact. The NBA, for instance, has always advocated for change and its inclusivity for other foreign players to get a chance to play in the games. 

The SEA Games basketball are no exception. What’s more incredible is the fact that there are quite a number of talented players who play basketball, especially in basketball-driven nations like the Philippines.

Getting European players in the mix helped make the case for its inclusion, but looking back, there are few Asian players who are in the NBA right now. 

Southeast Asian basketball has quite a unique flair in that they prioritise speed and niftiness above all else. Because of their smaller frames, they have to be more agile to compete at a high level, one that is often overlooked due to the physicality of the sport.

The betting markets of the SEA Games basketball are incredibly competitive. There is a lot of appeal for the SEA Games basketball to exist, and it’s getting more popular as more players join the ranks and battle the best teams in the region. 

What the SEA Games basketball are all about 

The importance of the SEA Games basketball cannot be understated. To get started with its betting scene, here is what the games are all about and who the best teams, players, and how one club even qualifies for the future rounds of the tournaments: 

The best teams 

When it comes to basketball, there are quite a few teams that made a huge impact in the games. Here are the most prominent teams in the games: 


The Philippines national basketball team is the most prolific SEA basketball dynasty ever. With 18 gold medals under its arsenal, the Philippines is proud to share their skills to the world and show why it is Asia’s most dominant basketball nation. 

Aside from the love dedicated to being great at the game, the reason why the Philippines is regarded as the best basketball team is their style of play. With athletic players pushing the ball fast down the lanes, you’re sure to find a lot of offence generated after just a rebound taken by the defence. 

This means that when their contemporaries play against them, they’ll simply wait for a missed shot and immediately run back to the other side of the court to score an easy layup or jumper. 

Notable players like June Mar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar, Kiefer Ravena, and Roger Pogoy are stars in their own rights and are even compared to the best players in the world. 


Even if the Malaysian basketball team is mostly a football nation, basketball is close to second and is gaining a lot of popularity as well. While the Philippines won 18 of the 20 events in the men’s games, Malaysia is proud to win 14 of the 19 women’s basketball sporting events since its inception in 1979. 

Furthermore, Malaysia’s current style of play has been focused on crippling the offensive prowess of most teams by imposing their great defence. There’s a saying ‘defence wins championships’, and Malaysia is among the best at doing that on the court. 

Another great quality of Malaysia’s national basketball team is its profound emphasis on chemistry which explains why the players are incredibly in sync with each other when playing. 

Some of their notable players on the roster are Tian Yuan Kuek, Yoong Jing Kwaan, Li Wei Chee, and Daniel Lee Tran, all of whom are incredibly fast, agile, and can jump to soaring heights to score. 


Vietnam is among the top teams in the SEA Games basketball and are absolutely amazing on the offence. Their style of play is comparable to the Philippines in that they provide the most lethal type of offence through fastbreak points. 

The moment the ball touches the hand of a Vietnamese player on the team, the team immediately runs on the other side of the court to score a nifty layup, dunk, or jump shot. 

Vietnam is also one of the leading teams in shooting threes which explains their incredible fire-power when generating offence on the half-court. While the Philippines sees to it that they score on the run, Vietnam is a little more diverse in that they want to set more screens and rolls for three-pointers and a pick and roll action to save them on the paint. 

Their best players are Corey Cilia, Chris Dierker, Dư Minh An, and Nguyễn Văn Hùng— all of whom are wonderful young players who can contribute a lot to the team and provide a lot of excitement to several Vietnam basketball SEA Games. 


Thailand’s amazing national basketball team for the SEA Games is full of talented young players who can score the basketball at ease. Known for their great coaching under Chris Daleo, who left the team in 2021, their offence flowed naturally with how they are able to make it to one of the top-tier teams in the SEA Games. 

Part of their success also stems from their great offensive line of players who can pass the ball brilliantly making a specific play that leads to easy baskets. 

What makes the Thai national team so special is their plethora of great players who can share the basketball like the San Antonio Spurs offence. The best Thai players on the team are Patiphan Klahan, Bandit Lakhan, Tyler Lamb, and Anucha Langsui. 

With all these brilliant players, Thailand is looking forward to meeting the best teams in the SEA basketball games and making a huge difference by evolving the game of basketball through their style of play. 


While not the best team, they are certainly comparable to the better ones in the games which means that they are good enough to be among the best. What makes the Singaporean team great is their competitiveness and willingness to defend. 

Even if their offence needs patching up, they are still incredibly well balanced to a point that they are within the middle bracket of great teams with how complete their style of play is. 

Whether it be setting picks for pick and roll actions, positioning screens for a quick-release three-point shot, or grabbing the offensive rebound, Singapore is tailored to do all that and more when faced with extreme basketball adversaries like the Philippines and Malaysia. 

Some of the best Singaporean national team players are V Lavin Raj, Isaac Jui Kwang Low, Wei Long Wong, and Xing Yuan Han. 

How one team qualifies 

To qualify for any of the brackets (Gold, Silver, Bronze), each divisional team must win against their rivals. Winners will take on the other divisional winners while the losers do the same under their own categorical brackets. 

To win the gold, the best in one division must face the other’s best. The winner takes the gold which then becomes a proud accomplishment for the country. 

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How to bet on SEA Games basketball 

Now that you know about the SEA Games basketball, it’s time to get started with its basketball live betting scene which will help you win a lot of payouts by placing your bets smartly. 

Here are a few tips to get you started: 

Looking at MVPs and prominent players in each nation 

In the most obvious sense, looking at the team with the best player is the best course of action when betting for the first time. To make it easier, here are sure fire signs of an MVP when you see one: 

  • Having a high scoring output 

Offence is the flashiest attribute a basketball player can project on the court. This is why when a basketball player can jump high and make dunks or shoot long three-pointers, they are often regarded as the best players on the team. 

When a player is prominent in this area, then there’s no doubt that you’ve spotted probably the best player on a given team.

  • Can play on both ends of the court 

While offence is always a great skill to have when playing, the defence should never be forgotten. Remember, playing on both ends of the court will give your team a great boost that will help win more games. 

A player with this prowess is highly valuable, and there aren’t a lot of players who can do this at a very high level. Remember, it takes a lot of effort to be good at both ends. 

  • Three-point shooting 

Unfortunately, part of today’s game is the ability to shoot a lot of three-pointers. While it’s never always the case that a player can be great without the shot, it’s still better to have someone who can play at an elite level outside the arc and shoot a lot of points in the most efficient way possible. 

  • Leadership

Yes, leadership matters in any sport, not just basketball. Without it, a team falls apart. Team chemistry is also needed to establish good team raport and eventually win the game.

While it’s intangible to say the least, you’ll see who are great leaders on the court by simply looking at their aura and finding that they have the ability to move teammates in a positive light. 

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Past team history in the tournaments 

Researching on a particular team certainly helps you to decide on which to bet on. You can’t simply go blind and unknowingly bet on any team regardless of their past transgressions. 

The best way to spot a great team to bet on is their dynastical tendencies. In the SEA men’s games, the Philippines looks to be the ideal team to bet on as they have won the most gold medals in history. 

It’s a matter of any team’s ability to find great players, and history always proves that the better the track record, the better the outcome will be for the teams you place your wagers on. 

Reading the odds the right way 

Reading the live basketball odds is the perfect way to see how your payouts will turn out should a win occur. Furthermore, it also provides you with the likelihood each team has in winning the SEA Games basketball live. 

There are two common types of odds that you can adhere to when betting on the best basketball teams in the SEA Games: 

  • Decimal odds 

The decimal odds are the most straightforward types of odds that you can use because it tells you how much the payouts are and the likelihood of the favourites and the underdogs in a given SEA Games basketball match. 

The decimal odds work as a multiplier to the original wager you placed before the games even begin. For instance, if a team has the odds of 1.65, then you’ll receive 1.65 times your original wager if you win. 

In an actual match, the lower the odds’ value, the more the team is favoured to win. The higher the odds, the more the team is the underdog of the game. 

  • American odds

The American odds is another straightforward way of reading the likelihood of teams winning. It provides you with the payouts after a match occurs and how much you need to wager. 

When looking at the American odds, the favourites are denoted with a negative (-) symbol while the underdogs are denoted with a positive (+) symbol. Favourites are expected to win according to the bookmakers which in turn decreases the risk of losing. They also have a lower payout because lesser risks are involved.

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Betting on different markets 

Betting markets are ways punters can place their wagers aside from deciding who the winner is. There are a lot of betting markets in basketball like over/under betting which allows punters to guess how much the lead is in a certain quarter or half. 

Another example is betting on the final score of a given game. These markets allow for a more diverse way of betting and keep the sports betting scene more interesting. 

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Now that you know more about the SEA Games basketball and how the SEA Games basketball standings work in the games, it’s time to challenge yourself and begin placing your bets on who you think will bring home the gold for their home country! 

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