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Bettors' guide to increasing chances of winning in basketball bets
Jan 27, 2022, 5:13:00 AM

Bettors' guide to increasing chances of winning in basketball bets

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has gained a lot of fan following over the years as many leagues were created and hosted their own games. This made basketball a famous option for a lot of punters in sports betting.

Betting has always been attached to the sport’s culture. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of bettors who wanted to try basketball betting. Most punters spend time studying the best ways to win in their wagers.

Knowing how basketball betting works is a good start for those who want to increase their chances of winning in this sport. They always go online and search guides on the best basketball betting strategy to help them win.

Not everyone is expected to win at betting, but there are a lot of ways that a punter can increase his chances, and this is what makes basketball betting engaging.

What are the best strategies in basketball betting

Money is on the line, and punters have to be sure that they can count on what they bet on. There are a lot of uncertainties in betting, but it helps to be confident about your wagers since there is no thrill in it if you won’t take a risk.

Basketball betting explained to a lot of punters is a huge step towards winning their bets. That does not guarantee them a win all the time, but it is better to have a fighting chance than nothing.

Strategies such as betting on underdogs or favourites (depending on the teams playing) is a huge factor to consider. Punters should know the teams that are playing and if those teams are on a winning/losing streak or if they are missing their best players.

Watching live games is an important aspect as well, specifically in-play betting. A whole game is played in four quarters with 12 minutes each, and a lot can happen in that span of time. Leads can be blown and comebacks can take place. Injuries and scoring runs can also change the way the game is going to end.

Betting strategies are not effective all the time, so it is best to have alternatives when the initial tactic fails to work for punters in these games. Here are some of the best strategies that a punter can use in basketball betting:

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Betting on consistent teams

Betting on consistent teams that have won straight games has a better chance of winning in their next game than those teams who have won once after losing or are in a slump. This is why it is important for punters to know how do basketball betting odds work, especially knowing what does + mean in basketball betting.

Consistency plays a huge role in many basketball games. The odds change more than twice in any game, so it’s good for punters who know how to read basketball betting lines. For example, the number of games won by a team at home and on the road matters a lot since it reflects the way they play when they have their home crowd or are playing against the other side.

Playing time for players is also a point of concern. Punters should see the number of minutes that a star player logs in every game. A player productivity rate can be seen in the plus/minus section of the stat sheet, and that measures the impact that a player has on his team whenever he is on the court.

The number of fouls come into play when they exceed the normal amount as going over the limit leads to a lot of free throws. There are a lot of teams in the league that can rack up many fouls in the game, and others are so good at drawing those. Free throws can turn the tide of any game especially when games head down to the wire.

Checking a team’s roster

Health is always going to be a strong factor in any game. If a team misses their key role player or lead stars for reasons such as injuries or other issues, this affects their odds. The team will need to make some adjustments and they will not play in the same way as they did with a complete squad.

This is why it is always important to check a team’s roster. Any change will be a big factor in how they will play the game. There are also roster changes at some point in any league season. Teams can make changes to their squad and it is either to boost their scoring or defence, or to give away star players in exchange for draft picks.

Take note that it is safe to bet on a team that has a complete roster with high chemistry. This means that the team has won a lot of games together as a whole without missing much of their key players due to injuries.

Team schedule is a factor

Schedule always plays a huge role in basketball betting. There is no way that one can predict the right number of wins that a team can get in a whole month or week. This is why it is better to at least try to take a peek at a team’s weekly schedule and see the teams that they are going to play against.

If a team is set to play against the top teams in the league (which can be determined by the winning percentage), then there is a chance that they will have a tougher battle than usual. On the other hand, playing against teams below .500 in the season means that they are likely to have an easier game.

A team that has played against the best teams in the league will either tire out or get a boost in their next one. There are even games that are played on a back to back, which means that there will be a chance that the team will play at a much slower rate than their previous one.

Fatigue can even affect the best teams in a league. A long stretch of tough games will soon take a toll on any team and hamper their performance in the next game. Punters need to be smart to consider this as well.

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Different betting types in basketball

Being knowledgeable about the various types of bets can help a lot of punters to know how to win in basketball betting. Having a lot of options in betting means that there will be more chances for punters to get the winnings they want.

Not every bet type is suitable for every game. Punters must consider their options all the time and make the right call in betting.

Here are the different betting types that most punters use in basketball betting:

Moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is used in basketball as it is the common bet in the sport. This is used to place wagers on a specific team to win the league as a whole or a player to win a specific award. Moneyline betting is considered to be the most popular form of wager in basketball, and punters should know what is moneyline in basketball betting.

When looking at the moneyline, each team has a plus or minus sign next to it. The underdog usually has a plus sign next to it, while the favourite will have a minus/negative sign. Your winnings when you successfully bet on a favourite is comparatively lower than when you bet on an underdog.

Spread betting

Spread betting means betting on who you believe will win and by how much. This bet allows punters to place wagers on certain teams that are not evenly matched. It means that they will handicap the favourite and makes it possible to pick either side without losing that much value on their wagers. 

Knowing how does spread betting work in basketball can be rewarding for a lot of punters, and there are even a lot of sites that have basketball spread betting explained as well.

The point spread is the number of points set by a sportsbook that a certain team must win by or stay within. If either of the two conditions are met by the end of the game, then the bet will pay out for the punters who wagered on that condition. This is why it is important to know what is spread betting in basketball.

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Handicap betting

Handicap bets are also a great option for punters in basketball betting. This bet allows punters to place wagers on a specific team or player. Punters can bet if the handicap conditions are met and not if the team or player wins the game.

For instance, a handicap of -1.5 is given to the favourite team to win. If punters bet on it, they can win their wagers only if the favourite manages to win the game by going two points above the set mark. Knowing what is handicap in basketball betting gives a lot of winning chances for punters.

Best leagues to bet on

There are a lot of basketball leagues in the world, and punters can choose from any of those to place their wagers on. Most of them are popular and have a huge fanbase.

Most of the popular leagues have a lot of betting markets as well. This is because there are a lot of star players and teams that contend for the title of that certain league. The impact of the event influences punters to wager on every game.

With a lot of betting markets available in certain leagues, punters would be inclined to pick that league every time. This makes these leagues a hot pick not just for avid fans, but also for veteran punters. The best basketball leagues to bet on have a lot to offer and they never fade away in terms of popularity.

Here are the best leagues that punters should consider betting on:


The NBA is the top basketball league in the world and stands among one of the best in the whole sports industry. With more than two billion fans worldwide, the NBA is always an offered league in most sportsbooks, including

With a large global presence, the NBA has a lot of regular and new bettors daily. The betting community for this league shows a lot about the popularity of the games it has every season.. 

The amount of hype that the NBA gets in every season and playoffs is enough to build the bigger betting markets that the league has in every sportsbook. It is a hot pick for a lot of punters since it also has the best basketball players all over the world, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Chris Paul.

The NBA is unique not only for its global presence, but also for its success in reaching out to different parts of the globe. There are a lot of players who come into the league for a chance to shine in their careers. In turn, punters have more options in terms of betting in players and teams that these future stars play for.


EuroLeague stands as the highest authority of basketball in Europe. This competition hosts a lot of teams from a lot of countries which contributes greatly to its impact as the biggest basketball league in the continent.

This league is the breeding ground for a lot of star players who would soon try out their luck in the NBA. The EuroLeague’s format works almost the same as any international league, except that it is only locked to European clubs. This builds a lot of hype for European punters since basketball is not the top sport in the continent.

On top of that, the EuroLeague is also one of the retirement plans for most basketball players who failed to find success in the NBA. The EuroLeague allows players from all over the world to play for various teams in the continent, making it a multinational league just like the NBA.


The NCAA stands as one of the so-called amateur leagues since this is where young players build their experience and draft stock before going to the NBA. This college tourney is where a lot of teams look at their future prospects, which is also a huge market for a lot of punters.

The top colleges in the United States play in this tournament as they showcase the next generation of talent that will come into the NBA. Most of the players here are seen as the future of the NBA since they have the decision to make a bid for the NBA Draft every year.

The NCAA’s March Madness attracts a lot of hype and punters every year. This is the tourney that the NCAA hosts where the Final Four teams will battle it out for dominance and glory in the league. Youngsters take this as a chance to stand out among others and impress teams that they want to play for.

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The FIBA is the presiding league for all basketball nations. It only comes into play every time that the Games will be coming in soon. This league hosts a lot of countries and is divided into regions before the final tournament where all of the finalists will get to play in the bigger stage.

This league is perfect for seasonal punters who only come to wager whenever the tourney comes around. There are no clubs in FIBA, and national teams are instead filled with players from that specific country even if they play in certain leagues such as the NBA or EuroLeague.

What makes it a good league for a lot of punters is the fact that they are given a lot of time to study the potential rosters of each country. This will give bettors a bigger chance of winning in their bets as long as they do their research.

Basketball betting is fun, and punters just need a lot of time and research to make the most of it. After all, games are all around, and there are no shortage of options for them as well. This makes basketball betting a great pick for punters in the long run.

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