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Bologna inks deal with Udoh
Jul 21, 2021, 3:42:00 AM

Bologna inks deal with Udoh

Virtus Bologna shocked the entire league when they opted to sign Ekpe Udoh into a new deal that will see him play with the team for two years. This is the first time that Udoh will play for a team in Europe since 2017 when he helped Fenerbahce lift the EuroLeague trophy.

Udoh is one of the best centres in the open market that VB saw fit for their squad. The big man has played in the NCAA for both the Michigan Wolverines and the Baylor Bears. He was picked in the first round by the Golden State Warriors at sixth. He later made his debut and soon moved to the Milwaukee Bucks, and then the Los Angeles Clippers.

In 2015, Udoh inked a deal with Fenerbahce and helped them win two Turkish championships, two Turkish Cups, a President’s Cup, and the EuroLeague title. He was even named as the MVP in that final which proved that he still has a lot to offer in his game.

That was his ticket back into the NBA and saw him play for the Utah Jazz until 2019. The last two seasons saw him play for the Chinese CBA with the Beijing Ducks and the Beijing Fighters.

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Udoh also made his debut for Nigeria in 2015 and helped them play in the World Championship in China by 2019. He is also set to play for his team in Tokyo this August.

GM Paolo Ronci said that Udoh has chosen to play with VB simply because he sees opportunities for his career in the team. Ronci also knows that the team is in dire need of a big man who could help them push for a run in the coming months.

Udoh can make a huge impact on both ends of the floor for VB. They need more from him on the offensive end to make sure they get some good looks on the paint. They would also use Udoh to stretch the floor on the defensive end and get some rim protection.

This is a chance for Udoh to redeem his worth, and this should be the shot for him to win one more title.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA