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Jun 4, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Booker Talks About Experience in the EuroLeague

Devin Booker used to be Bayern’s front man and was responsible for the team’s resurgence in the past years. Booker has been quick in adjusting to intense play that the EuroLeague brings to the table, and he is not slowing down anytime soon after moving to join Khimki Moscow Region.

Booker is definitely pleased that the team remained as a contender in the previous seasons since he forged his leadership. He has been working hard since the beginning and is just focused on winning big games for his team.

Booker, not to be confused with the Phoenix Suns star in the NBA, made a big move to Khimki before this season began. His competitive mentality has translated well into the team’s reputation, and a lot of experiences shaped his game.

‘Just being focused for every game. Giving it our all every game’, said Booker. ‘I think our record could be better than what it is right now, but we still have a long season ahead of us. We just have to stay focused and play like we know how to play’.

He was not surprised by the level of play in the EuroLeague, in fact, he was loving it. He said that the EuroCup was a big preparation for him. It allowed him to adapt quickly to the pace and style that most players do.

It was a bigger challenge than he expected, but he loved the intensity it offered and that’s why he enjoyed it the most. No one can simply say that it is quite easy to play in the EuroLeague because they are known for the grinding games.

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‘No surprises. The EuroCup was a pretty good challenge itself. Just moving from the EuroCup to the EuroLeague, I knew it was going to be a lot of great guys, a lot of great competitors and great teams that we were going to have to play against’, said Booker. ‘But that's nothing new to us. Every game is a tough game for us. We know how to play basketball and that's what we do’.

Bayern is known for its tight and solid chemistry between its organisations in sports, and Booker had a lot of moments with the football team in as well. Both sides have been successful in their respective runs, but the football team is simply much more popular in Europe.

Booker detailed the experience and impressions he had on the league. He loved the environment, the intensity and competitiveness that every single game brings.

‘I have to say there are great competitors in the EuroLeague’, said Booker. ‘Great players and a lot of veterans who have been around the EuroLeague for years now and who pretty much know the game. It took me a little time to get acquainted to it, but it is not that much different from the EuroCup’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA