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Bucks come up big to take 3-2 series lead
Jul 19, 2021, 4:55:00 AM

Bucks come up big to take 3-2 series lead

The Milwaukee Bucks storm back in Game 5 to will their way back into the series as they now take a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals. The Bucks beat the Phoenix Suns in a 123-119 win to close out a key game that may have called the rest of the series for good.

The Bucks were down by as many as 16 but came back strong to close it out and beat the Suns on the road. It was a huge game from the Bucks who were once doubted in their chance to win in the Finals at the very least.

With time winding down, Devin Booker had his hands on the ball. He was set to make that big shot in front of the fans at home. That should have been a great shot for his whole career. Then Jrue Holiday went on to ruin it.

‘I was just trying to score the ball, he was behind me’, Booker said. ‘I turned and he was right there’.

Jrue made a huge swipe and stole the ball out of Booker’s hands. In a wild turn of events, Jrue tossed the ball up for an easy and open slam by Giannis Antetokounmpo that sealed the game for good. That is the big play of the game for the Bucks.

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Giannis had 32 points, nine boards and six dimes. Khris Middleton scored 29 points and Jrue had a big game of his own with 27 points and 13 dimes. It was a huge feat for the veteran at this point in time, and Giannis knew it was all just about winning the game.

‘Obviously we know what the deal is. It’s one game away from being the NBA champ’, said Giannis.

Teams that win Game 5 from a tied series have won 21 times out of all 29 series in the NBA Finals. This just gives a lot of hope for the Bucks to bring home a title for the first time in many years. This just proves how keen they are to win big in the series as well.

This is a huge chance they don’t want to miss, and the team knows that they have a shot at that at home this time.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA