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Coach Aito Takes a Stand on EuroLeague's Three-Pointers
Jan 15, 2020, 6:18:00 AM

Coach Aito Takes a Stand on EuroLeague's Three-Pointers

CSKA Moscow is on the pace to set a new league record this season. While the Anadolu Efes thrived in wins, CSKA thrived in coming up a lot of three-pointers this season, whether it goes in or not. Through the season, the team is clearly on the way to surpass the previous record that has been set.

Dinamo Banco Di Sardegna Sassari set the record for most three-point attempts per game. 29.1 attempts per game were the most in this current century. That isn’t far from CSKA’s current pace though, as the team is averaging 28.6 per game.

CSKA isn’t the only team that would be able to set a record on three-point attempts this season. Should the defending champions fail to set the record, neighbours Khimki Moscow Region is not far behind with 27.9 attempts per game. So is Madrid with 27.8 attempts per game, while ALBA Berlin has 26.9 attempts per game this season.

ALBA coach Aito Garcia Reneses was asked regarding the science of three-point shooting. His 46-year coaching experience in the European setting makes him the best guy to ask about three-pointers.

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He is the only man that would know more about European Basketball than any other person on the planet. He believes that the key in shooting three-pointers is in the advanced physical abilities of the players.

‘Shooting from long-range is just a way of finding space. All the players now are so good physically and so quick, it is very difficult to find any space to shoot inside’, Coach Aito explained. ‘So players have been forced to improve outside shooting because it's the best way to find space for an uncontested shot’.

‘You must know how to receive the ball and shoot immediately before the defence arrives because the defenders now are quicker and faster’, he continued. ‘Because of that, there are now bigger guys who shoot three-pointers. People have studied the stats and realized that shooting from three-point range is more effective than shooting inside’.

Of course, the rise of NBA MVP Stephen Curry changed the surface for basketball. It made the game more of a long-range shooting one, and as a result, the whole world suddenly knew how to shoot threes in the game.

‘The first way to create good three-point shots is by penetrating and then passing back to the perimeter’, Aito explained the process of finding three-point opportunities. ’The second idea is to have tall players who can shoot from long distance because then it’s very difficult to contest the shot, even if they are well guarded’.

The continued effect of three-point shooting in the league is ever-changing. That is seen as how much three-point shots players are trying every single game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA