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Aug 15, 2019, 7:21:00 AM

Draymond Green ramps up Warriors’ underdog talk

With Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins having freshly departed, the Golden State Warriors may look a little short in numbers. It seems that Draymond Green is prepared to be the one talking the talk for his team, with Klay Thompson injured and talisman Steph Curry often not the player to hog the limelight in this side.

In a season when the Warriors have already been written off, Green has taken exception to the way that they have been pushed out of the playoff picture by pundits and commentators, saying that they will go into the 2019/20 campaign relishing their new underdog status.

In the last few years, they were almost always expected to win, but the Toronto Raptors’ triumph last time around means that we are looking at a new era of NBA dominance, and potentially one driven by players rather than teams. It seems likely that the NBA Championship ring is coming back to the West, but Golden State is unlikely to be the final destination.

Both Los Angeles teams have a fresh outlook and new stars to help lift their game. This is something that’s not afforded to the Warriors, though they did get an interesting proposition in the form of D’Angelo Russell in a sign-and-trade deal when Durant went to the Brooklyn Nets.

Saying that “that’s crazy to me” when asked about the chances of not reaching the playoffs, Green said in an interview this week that they have every intention of being back in contention once again. Fresh from putting pen to paper on a $100m extension, he has every reason to retain faith in the Warriors’ setup.

Saying that “it’s been a while since we been the underdog”, there is a chance that Green and his teammates could benefit from some of the pressure being put on some of the other teams for once, with everyone no doubt eager to see how both LA sides fare.

For Green, getting a new deal with fresh extension terms is something to help vindicate the status that he was somehow less belonging than the other superstars in the team, and now he can feel as if he has another reason to justify why he belongs at Golden State. When asked about how the Warriors were developing, Green said that “it just tells you that there was a method to that madness”.

Words: Josh Dixon

Images: PA