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Giannis completes Kobe’s challenge
Jul 22, 2021, 4:17:00 AM

Giannis completes Kobe’s challenge

Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally made his dream come true by winning the NBA title for the first time as the late Kobe Bryant asked him. The star even won the Finals MVP award after ending the Milwaukee Bucks’ drought of 50 years with no titles won in the NBA.

Giannis took his time to wrap up the task that Kobe asked of him two years ago. For the MVP and now the best player in the world, winning the NBA title is a huge feat, and that was the one that Kobe asked of him after he won the MVP.

As soon as the buzzer sounded, it did not take long for a tweet to start making the rounds. A lot of people looked back and brought up the task that the Black Mamba had set upon Giannis. Kobe first asked him to win the MVP in 2017 and did it in 2019. He then went on to follow that up by asking Giannis to win the NBA title.

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Today, Giannis made Kobe proud. It was a big step for a player who has given all he got to lead his team to the top of the league. Those tasks were a driving force for Giannis, and he looked back on how he got that from Kobe. Giannis looked back at the time he re-signed with the Bucks to prove his supporters right. 

‘When I re-signed with the city of Milwaukee, that's the main reason I re-signed, because I didn't want to let the people down and think that I don't work extremely hard for them, which I do’, he said. ‘To be able to accomplish those things in the spirit of time, it's crazy. It's freaking unreal, I can't believe it’.

Giannis has looked up to Kobe as he grew up. He even said that the Black Mamba was one of the reasons why he ever started to play basketball, being just a vendor in Greece back then. With Giannis now a champion, his win fulfils another part of the Mamba legacy that continues up to this day.

The Bucks star still has a lot of work to do, which is to win more.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA