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Jun 4, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Hollins Explains His Tough Time in the NBA

While Ryan Hollins enjoyed the fun times in the Los Angeles Clippers, he also went through some of the worst parts of his career. He looked back on those experiences and detailed what he had to go through just to continue playing the game, even if it cost him a lot.

He did have his happy seasons with the Lob City, but back then, he wanted to make a change and moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his second season, he jumped from the Cavaliers to the Celtics, and it was a tough run for him during those years.

He said that he wanted to be traded right away. He even opted to try and push the team to trade him to the Boston Celtics because he wants to play there. Hollins was never committed to the Cavaliers, and it was easy to see why he was traded later on.

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His stint with the Celtics was his redemption season. He had the chance to create a name for himself while playing with one of the best teams in the league at that time.

‘Then, when I got moved to Boston, I went from maybe the worst scenario to one of the best scenarios because I got a chance to play with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass and all of those guys, and I got to play for Doc Rivers’, Hollins continued. ‘We won and had more success than I’d ever seen in the NBA. I really felt like I was a part of something there, so, ironically, that was like the tale of two seasons. Everybody forgot that I was in Cleveland earlier that year when I played for Boston. All they remember is Boston’.

He concluded that his 10-year run in the NBA was tough, but he still enjoyed it to suffice his sacrifices back then.

He made some tough decisions on the run, but he knew that he had to make things happen for him if he really wanted it. Those things he did back in Cleveland were forgotten, and it seemed to be worth it for him as he salvaged his incredible career.

Eventually, everyone remembered him as a fine player who played the game with all his heart, except for Cleveland. ‘It was incredibly tough. I got used to it halfway through my career and some guys aren’t fortunate to get that far’, Hollins said. ‘But I would say the toughest thing was that you never have a rapport with one coach or certain teammates, so you don’t get into a groove’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA