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How Chris Paul can bounce back for the Suns
Jul 23, 2021, 4:24:00 AM

How Chris Paul can bounce back for the Suns

After a huge run in the 2021 Playoffs, Chris Paul still came out with no ring in his hands. He saw the Milwaukee Bucks hoist the NBA Finals trophy as the team won the series. Paul’s legacy would go down as one of the best players not to win a title.

To start off, Paul beat a lot of contenders on his way to the Finals for the first time. He took down the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, and the Los Angeles Clippers to bring the Phoenix Suns to their first NBA Finals.

When they won the first two games at home, the Suns looked like they were poised for a big finish and become champions for the first time. The team then went on to lose four straight games in the series. 

It was a tough finish in the Finals for Paul, who reached the Finals for the first time in his 16 years in the league. That was a huge blow to his career and legacy. He is the first and only player to lose four times after leading 2-0 in a series.

While the Golden State Warriors still remain as the worst team to lose in the Finals when they blew a 3-1 lead, the 4-2 shift in the series for the Suns was also a tough one for Paul and the Suns. This is why it is going to be hard for him to make some choices this offseason.

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‘Great group of guys, hell of a season, but this one's gonna hurt for a while. Everybody in that locker room knows we had enough’, Paul said. ‘But it wasn't enough. We grew all season long. Nobody expected us to be where we are except for us’.

No one did the big work more than Paul in the Finals. Devin Booker had some big games of his own, but it was Paul who made it clear that he has what it takes to win in the Finals. He just fell short of the title win and lacked two more games to his list.

The Suns star is now set to enter free agency this season if he does not sign another deal with the team. The Lakers are actively looking for a point guard to take the helm for the team with LeBron James. Adding Paul to that mix might just be the big move that the team needs to make sure that they win in the next season.

The Lakers aim to ink either Paul or Russell Westbrook in the offseason. Paul’s own decision should be on watch as he either can start over with the Lakers or finish what he left with the Suns. After all, he would want to get a shot at the NBA Finals once more before he retires.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA