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How point guards can make or break your NBA bets
Dec 21, 2021, 5:19:00 AM

How point guards can make or break your NBA bets

In a sport filled with bigger athletes, point guards have historically struggled to leave a mark on the game. However, this has changed in the modern era because they are more involved in the system. Let’s talk about how point guards can make or break your NBA bets.

Power forwards and centers have always been the dominant players in the NBA because of their size over other players. In the NBA’s first few years, George Mikan was the epitome of greatness as he was the best center. As the years passed, centers like Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain dominated the sport.

Every era, big men used their size to dominate the paint on both offence and defence. However, this has changed in the modern era because you can see smaller players stand out as well and are definitely more popular compared to frontcourt players. The perimeter has grown into the most important part of a team’s offence and while there are still elite big men in the NBA, they are playing lesser roles.

This has also shifted the overall playstyle of NBA players because they have to adapt to how the guards play. You can see big men refining their defence because they need to keep up with the top point guards in the NBA. 

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Point guards are integral to a team’s success

Since basketball started, most of the basketball world relied on the point guard to initiate the offence. All they had to do was pass the ball to the big men back in the day but their role has significantly changed over the years.

There were some significant examples in the past of stellar point guards who changed how basketball is played. Players like Oscar Robertson, Walt Frazier, and Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald were all point guards who played way ahead of their time. They broke the mould for point guards who just passed the ball to their bigger teammates. 

In the modern era, this has become normalized because you can see point guards both initiating and finishing the plays off. There are more scoring-focused guards in the modern era than ever before. Teams can’t get away with one-dimensional players anymore which is why point guards have improved upon the classic style.

With a perimeter-focused offence, guards are central to the system because teams are reliant on generating shots for themselves and their teammates. You can see this in every modern NBA game where a guard brings the ball up and he signals for a set play. The teammates would then move off the ball involving screens and cuts to the paint. If there is no point guard on the floor, the rest of the team would struggle with their offence.

In terms of leadership, point guards are usually the biggest voice in the locker room. Since they have the best perspective of what’s happening on the court, they embrace the responsibility of serving as the team’s leader. Many have even dubbed them as ‘coaches on the floor’ because they typically control most of the offence and defence. The best NBA point guards of all time always step up for their coaches as the leader the team needs.

It is a tough job for any PG but that comes with the role. Of course, there are players who have migrated to the PG role but that goes to show that being the floor general is one of the most crucial parts of any basketball team. You have natural wings like LeBron James, Luka Dončić, and Ben Simmons turning themselves into PGs because they know they can affect the game more as the main ball handler.

Good examples of star point guards

In the NBA’s history, there have been star point guards who have fundamentally changed how the game is played. The following names are the point guards who can be considered the greatest point guards in NBA history:

    •   Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

    •   Isiah Thomas

    •   John Stockton

    •   Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway

    •   Allen Iverson

    •   Chris Paul

    •   Deron Williams

    •   Russell Westbrook

    •   Stephen Curry

    •   Damian Lillard

    •   Trae Young

    •   Ja Morant

These are just some of the names that have been star players over the years. Magic and Steph are considered the two best and most influential PGs of all time. The fans and pundits are not wrong when they say that because Magic was the big PG that innovated a flashy style rampant in the modern era.

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In Steph’s case, he fundamentally changed how the sport is played because the league revolves around three-point shooting in the modern era which is a necessity for every player. Fans would always ask questions like ‘Who is the best NBA point guard in the NBA?’, and in the modern era, it is hard to dispute Steph’s place atop the lists ranking NBA point guards.

While there will always be outliers, point guards have only improved over the years. Back in the day, point guards were seen as expendable players because all they had to do was make the right pass. Now, they shoulder the most responsibility out of any position in top-tier basketball.

Young players are being taught valuable lessons and skills by the best point guards in the NBA right now 2021-22 season. It should not be a surprise that the next generation of PGs might be even better.

If you’re looking for the future of basketball, you should be pleased with how the point guard prospects are shaping up because they have the chance to affect the sport significantly. If the executives know what NBA team needs a point guard, they are already scouting the youngsters and looking at who has the brightest future as a floor general.

Star point guards are important for NBA bets

For NBA betting, you can always expect the NBA greatest point guards to step up when needed. Since they control a large chunk of the offence, you should expect them to be important to the betting side.

If you watch NBA games, you can see that the results are reliant on the point guard performing well. This is the same for the betting world because the bettors also want to see the PGs thrive since they are the key cogs in the system. If the point guard is playing well, most of the time, the rest of the squad is thriving too.

The rise of star point guards changed the dynamics of NBA betting. Back in the day, only wing players or big men got the attention of bettors because they were putting up big stats. Little did they know that point guards would become the most important piece in the NBA puzzle.

Some traditional basketball fans still can’t accept the modern playstyle but it should be obvious that point guards are the way of the future. The front office executives have realized this and they’re building around guards. Ja Morant and Trae Young are good examples of this as their franchises were headed towards mediocrity but they managed to pull it back and turn them into playoff contenders.

The quality of point guards has improved to the point where role players have also found a way to make an impact. If they play better than expected, that can affect the bets that you make. Even role players like Monte Morris can thrive because they are distributing the ball and shooting well from the field. The point guard can affect the game even without putting up counting stats.

However, if you are looking to win your bets, you should always try to look at how the star guards are producing because they can make a legit impact on the games. Stats and head-to-head matchups matter when it comes to your betting as you can see how point guard performance can propel a team to victory.

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Examples of star point guards breaking bets

Star point guards have broken bets over the years with their stellar play. Steph is probably the biggest star in the point guard position. You can expect him to break bets every night because he can easily score 50+ points in a game. At the same time, he is also a betting favourite because bettors use Steph and Golden State Warriors as reliable betting options.

If you’re talking about point guards who are always doubted, you will have fun with Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers’ star guard has always been overlooked throughout his career which has left a huge chip on his shoulder. Since the Blazers are only a small-market team, Dame and his team are always the underdogs when it comes to the betting markets.

If you want to have a consistent underdog, you should try betting on Dame and the Blazers because they have a penchant for proving the doubters wrong. He is a reliable option especially against NBA teams that give up the most points to point guards. Dame loves to pick apart defences and since he is always confident that he’ll perform, he is the primary option when talking about bet breakers.

Another big name that you can talk about is De’Aaron Fox. The Sacramento Kings have been a mediocre team for most of his career but he always manages to find a way to win. Fox is a talented guard who can do everything asked of him. He struggles when it comes to being consistent but if you’re looking for the surprise bet breaker, Fox is a prime option.

Over the years, the best point guards in NBA history always find a way to make an impact. Breaking bets is tough but you have a solid amount of point guards who can be the focal point of your bets. If you need to win rewards, you should always try teams that have a star PG because their impact is unlike any other.

Betting is tough but it gets easier when you find reliable PGs. You can always look at teams that have superstar wings or big men but when star PGs are in the zone, the team is much better overall because everyone is following in a star PG’s footsteps.

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The NBA is reliant on point guards succeeding

In the modern era, you can find a star PG on almost every team. These stars affect almost every bettor because they are reliant on the top point guards in the NBA performing at a higher level. Any team is better when the PG is performing. It is difficult to win bets when you keep betting on the same team but with these star PGs, it is more dynamic.

You should try looking at all of the different point guards in the league and how they play. As you do this, you will find out that the PG field is deeper than you think. Steph, Dame, and Trae are usually the top stars you’re looking at but different options will always pop out. You can always expect star guards to succeed but you should also know when to bet against them. Matchups are important and you need to look into them so you can win your bets and not solely rely on a few players.

Predictions over the years have proven point guards’ value

Over the years, the predictions that the betting industry has worked well for point guards. The likes of Steph, Dame, and Trae have become the most reliable options on the team. You should expect the predictions to improve when you bet on the proven point guard stars in the NBA.

Betting value is important when it comes to basketball and you should always rely on these star guards. When it comes to overall value, you should rely on the PG stars but you should not solely rely on them. The wing players and big men are still reliable and you should also look at them as reliable options.

Betting on basketball takes nuance and you should always look at every facet before making the decision. Basketball is a tough sport to bet on but you can have a better time if you’re well-informed. You should always find the best options for you to win. Watch the games and find out the unearthed gems of the NBA. That might become the key to your basketball betting success. Good luck and have fun with your betting journey!

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA