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How Wall can build his future with the Rockets
Sep 17, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

How Wall can build his future with the Rockets

While John Wall may have requested for a trade, another angle on his career might be the fact that he has a chance to fix his career with the Houston Rockets. Fans see his era with the team as a short one, but some are still hoping for him to give it a try for one last time.

The Rockets are not going to buy out his big contract, which is set to pay him over $91.7 million in the next two years. That deal comes with a player option of $47.4 million in the 2022-23 season. None of that is going to matter if Wall is going to be traded.

However, Wall may be in for a longer stay with the Rockets than most fans think. It is hard to find a deal for a player whose deal is too expensive. For a player who has missed a couple of runs before the 2020-21 run, Wall’s deal is a little bit too much.

The team expects him to suit up for training camp in the later parts of September, but reports say that Wall will not play games for Houston. While fans may look at the side where Wall gets to play for another team, some say that there is still a good chance that Wall may also go for bigger games in Houston.

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Wall was traded for Russell Westbrook from the Washington Wizards prior to his run in 2020-21. He has played 40 games and had 20.6 points, 3.2 boards, 6.9 dimes and 1.1 steals per game. The past season was his first consistent NBA action since the 2018-19 run when he got a left heel and Achilles injury that held him to just 32 games.

While Wall’s efforts were good for his return, Houston came off a 17-55 run after trading MVP James Harden and struggled to win for the rest of the 2021-22 run. They only had seven wins in their last 53 games.

There were signs of hope for the team though. They picked an energetic rookie in Jalen Green and added some key pieces to boost their roster as well. Should Wall ever stay with the team, he can play a huge role as a strong leader too.

This is why there are still some people who believe that Wall should give the Rockets a chance at redeeming their worth once more. After all, it is all about winning the game and that is a good look at his career that was plagued with injuries.

If there is a team that could help Wall redeem his worth, Houston would fit the bill. Wall still has a few years left to play, and it would be wise for him to stop seeking new opportunities to win a title as most NBA players do.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA