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Jun 1, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Kevin Knox Explains Perspective on Basketball

The New York Knicks’ sophomore forward has been keeping himself busy back in the early days of the NBA’s lockdown. The Knicks weren’t new to a boring season considering their unlucky runs in the previous seasons. It seems that the team has some advantage after all.

Kevin Knox is a big fan of LeBron James, who led the Los Angeles Lakers back into prominence this season. Knox admired James’ style and level of play despite his old age. The Knicks forward is looking up to his idol with a lot of respect and considered him as an all-time great.

Knox also claimed that James gave him some advice after their game last season. He said that it was a great talk. Although he did much of the listening since he was so star-struck with James and he just wanted all of his words to just sink in his head.

He listened to every single thing that James said to him. Perhaps he is aiming to be like LeBron in the next few years assuming that the league would somehow go back to normal when this pandemic is all over.

‘There's going to be ups and downs, social media is going to try to bring you down, there's going to be times when they hype you up, but he was just telling me to stay levelheaded because there are times he doesn't have great games’, Knox said. ‘He's not really worried about what people are saying, he's just getting back into the lab, getting back into the gym, putting more work in’.

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Knox also spoke up regarding his favourite game at Kentucky. He scored 34 points on the road in their battle against West Virginia, and the Wildcats stormed back from a 17-point deficit to claim an 83-76 win. That made some noise on his account for the NBA Draft back then.

‘We came out in the second half and just lit it up’, Knox recalled. ‘I had a great game, my teammates did a really great job in that game. What made that game so special was just the atmosphere at West Virginia. All college players know the atmosphere there is ridiculous. It was packed, fans on the court, it was a crazy game’.

Knox also explained his improvements this season. Today was supposed to be one of the biggest months of the NBA, but the suspension has kept most fans and players - including Knox from enjoying basketball action.

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Knox has had a fair second season with the Knicks. He is just averaging 6.4 points and 2.8 rebounds while playing 17.9 minutes per game. That seemed to be a minor setback in his impressive start in his rookie season.

As a rookie, Knox tallied 12.8 points and 4.5 rebounds while logging 28.8 minutes per night. He started 57 of those games, but he was just limited to four starts this season so far. That has been a big factor in his growth somehow.

He is aiming to become more active as a player. He wants to get locked in on those smaller details of his game. He hopes to get more improvement on the defensive end with more blocks and steals.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA