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Jun 5, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Micic’s Newfound Motivation in the EuroLeague

Vasilije Micic has learned to step up his game back in 2018 when Shane Larkin was out with an injury. That eventually led him to become one of the league’s youngest players to ever achieve and earn the MVP of the Month award. He has been impressive since winning the award.

Now with Larkin healthy, Micic has been working hard alongside his teammate and shined together in the season. The Anadolu Efes were sitting at the top of the EuroLeague table since going undefeated in November 2019.

Prior to the season lockdown, the Efes has been showing signs of dominance on both ends of the floor. He looked back on the first time that he received the MVP of the Month award, and how he contributed to their winning run last year.

‘Yes, it is definitely the first time and I am so glad and happy that this happened to me. I really know what I have been through so far in my career. It means a lot’, said Micic. ‘This is the best motivation that I could get. Honestly, I didn't expect it because I am aware of how many good players there are in the EuroLeague, but we had a great run as a team, won five games in November and I was a part of that run. Like I said, I am very happy’.

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Micic used to be just a reserve in the team. Much like what Jeremy Lin did when Carmelo Anthony was out for the New York Knicks back then, Micic stepped up his game and proved his worth.

He never cared about his minutes or exposure in the game. He was much more concerned about getting to a level where he can help his teammates in the best way that he can. He said that it was important for him to be more mature and confident on the court.

‘I am aware of what is necessary to win. Last season meant a lot for me, to get this confidence and be comfortable on the court’, Micic said. ‘I also get big confidence from our coach, Ergin Ataman, and it is going well. We are working well together, and I hope it is going to be like that until the end of the season’.

Micic explained that the team isn’t looking too far ahead in the season. They are taking it only one game at a time back then, but with the global pandemic in full swing, they are still far away from winning the EuroLeague.

The Anadolu Efes is sitting right at the top of the league with a playoff berth locked in already. It was unfortunate that their season was derailed by the suspension of league operations.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA