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Nemanja Bjelica has carved out a role for himself in Golden State
Oct 25, 2021, 4:44:00 AM

Nemanja Bjelica has carved out a role for himself in Golden State

Serbian big man Nemanja Bjelica just joined the Golden State Warriors in the 2021 offseason but he has already carved out a role in the loaded squad. He brings a good mix of toughness, playmaking, shooting, and rebounding to the team.

In the first game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Bjelica had a double-double of 15 points and 11 rebounds while also dishing out four assists. He was efficient for the most part as he impressed the coaches in his role off the bench. Whenever Draymond Green was not on the court, Bjelica filled in as the big man playmaker and he did it fabulously.

Green himself was pleased with what he saw from his new teammate. The three-time NBA champ said, ‘It’s great. With his shooting ability. The guys are really running him out of the line. And for him to be able to put the ball on the floor like that and kick out, that was huge. He made a lot of plays for us tonight, he was a huge reason we pulled out this game. Plus twenty? That’s incredible’.

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Warriors superstar Stephen Curry managed to log a triple-double but he mostly enjoyed Bjelica’s performance rather than his own. Curry appreciated his teammates because he didn’t have a good shooting night as he struggled with his jump shot during the game against the Lakers.

Dubs head coach Steve Kerr talked about how much he and his staff love Bjelica’s style. Kerr said, ‘He’s mentioned to our staff several times how much he’s enjoying playing with our team because he just gets to play the game and is not kind of pigeonholed as a specialist. That’s why guys with a great feel have always been a good fit with us. And he is absolutely a great fit’.

Bjelica showed that he can drive to the basket and make the right pass from a drive and kick. He is also a reliable option in the pick and roll because not only is he a good passer out of the roll but he’s also a solid scorer when needed. It will be fun to watch this Warriors squad especially when Klay Thompson returns.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA