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May 26, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Nick Calathes Talks About Reaching Final Four

Nick Calathes had an incredible experience this season by helping his team rack up some solid wins down the stretch. However, when the inevitable suspension came, he knew that there is a possibility that they would be back to zero, which is a chance to aim higher for the team.

Calathes helped the Panathinaikos Athens reach the playoffs last year. He sealed the deal with an impressive triple-double in their last game, and he led the league in both assists and steals department back then.

This time, he knows that he has a chance to do things right and get back on track to the Final Four once more.

‘You know, we have a lot of veteran guys in the locker room who know what we are capable of as a team. We didn't play up to our standards at the beginning of the season’, said Calathes. ‘Once we started to get a little rhythm and play well with each other, we built confidence and it just took off from there. Obviously, Coach has done a great job with us, getting us prepared for all of it’.

Coach Rick Pitino has called Calathes is the greatest passer he’s ever seen. Calathes claimed that the great coach has been giving them advice this season.

Calathes claimed that Pitino is a confidence machine who gives him and the rest of the team a reason to keep believing. He always encourages his teammates to keep trying what is good for them, and he does not hold them back whenever they try something new.

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Calathes explained that it was a big factor for their strong team chemistry. Panathinaikos has not reached the Final Four since their last run in 2012. It seems to be pressuring for some teams with that kind of fact, but for Calathes, he is just more motivated.

‘I think it is a motivation to get there. We have a lot of older guys in the team who have never been to the Final Four’, said Calathes. ‘So I think we are very hungry as a team and want to reach that goal, for us and for the club, which has not been there for some years. I think it is a motivation because we are a hungry team to get to the Final Four’.

On his own side, he claimed that it is a big thing for him to carry his team back into the Final Four once more. He wants to be remembered as a winner. Calathes said that player accolades are one thing, but the game is all about leaving a legacy, so the Final Four is a big thing.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA