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May 29, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Real Madrid Center Walter Tavares Is Open for an NBA Return

Walter Tavares has an active five-year contract with Real Madrid. However, he is still open to returning to the NBA if there is an opportunity for him.

Tavares has become one of the most reliable centers in the EuroLeague with Madrid. This season he is averaging 7.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and a great 2.2 blocks per game. His statistics do not jump at you immediately but his intangibles are his main strengths.

At a massive seven-foot-three, Tavares has the ability to make every shot harder for the opponents. His long arms pose an imposing figure on the defensive end which can be relied upon in the paint. He is not a prolific scorer but he knows his role, he is a scrappy player who knows where the ball will land which leads to offensive rebounds. His motor is also under-appreciated because at seven-foot-three, people do not expect a quick guy.

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Tavares was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks. He never really had consistent playing time there but he showed potential as a big man in the NBA. He will have slight trouble if he ever decides to come back because the league has changed a lot. The league is focused on quickness and perimeter shooting, even more these days. A traditional big man like Tavares may struggle.

Even though the prospect of coming back is unclear, he still believes that he can make an impact on any NBA team. This is why he is still open to opportunities in the NBA. Tavares said, ‘Here at Real, I’m trying to do my best because you have to be ambitious to make history and leave a mark wherever you go and not be a player who just passed. The player has to be at the highest level every year to achieve goals. The NBA return is always open, there are offers every year, but I’m focused here to help Real Madrid’.

Unfortunately for Tavares, the sports world is frozen right now because of the ongoing global pandemic. He cannot help Real Madrid at the moment but he is intent in helping the team win games as soon as sports are played again.

He has been training at home in the meantime because he does not want to be rusty when everyone comes back to play. He said, ‘It is practically training in order to be prepared, as we do not know when the competitions will return. I have not left home and here I watch TV, play PlayStation and always talk to my friends’.

It is good that he is using his time wisely and he is responsible enough to stay at home in these tough times. Hopefully, everything goes back to normal soon so we can see Tavares play basketball once again.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA