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Aug 20, 2019, 6:40:00 AM

Rookies look past Zion for best career in survey

Zion Williamson may be touted by all the pundits as the leader of the next generation of basketball, but it appears that the other rookies out of this year’s draft are not as convinced as everyone else that he will go on to have the best career out of all the new picks.

The results came from an official NBA send-out to ask all the new rookies a number of questions, such as who they thought would have the best career, and who is the most athletic. Williamson is still hotly regarded by his young peers, but the results may just give the impression that the draft order is not the Holy Grail when it comes to discovering the best new players.

Some of the leading lights in the NBA right now were not first draft picks, and some of them came way down the list. Many of this year’s intake will be hoping that they can instigate a breakthrough, and according to the other rookies, Cam Reddish may actually be the player to look out for.

Although the youngster came tenth in the draft pick, the new Atlanta Hawks recruit has been chosen by his colleagues in the college system as the player most likely to go on and have the best career. This may come as a surprise to those who felt that it would naturally go to Zion, given all the hype placed on him, but his fellow Duke graduate is also getting a lot of praise.

Williamson only got 5% of the vote in the survey, while Reddish received 19%. Also coming above Zion were Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies, who took 16%, while De’Andre Hunter, who is also at Atlanta, got 11%. The Hawks could be in for a better season than many thought if this is anything to go by.

However, Zion did still come in front when it came to picking Rookie of the Year at next season’s awards with 35% of the vote. Morant was next, on 27%. It is interesting to note that the rookies have only called this accolade correctly once, when Kevin Durant was chosen in 2007.

Denver Nuggets fans will be excited to see their pick Bol Bol labelled the Steal of the Draft. For the third consecutive year, LeBron James was chosen as the favourite player of the rookies.

Words: Josh Dixon

Images: PA