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Sarica's big hopes for Pinar in the BCL
Sep 16, 2021, 4:11:00 AM

Sarica's big hopes for Pinar in the BCL

Coach Ufuk Sarica hopes that Pinar Karsiyaka gets a better push in the 2021-22 season. The coach wants a shot at the Basketball Champions League title as he works on his squad and their woes from the past run. Ufuk is confident that Pinar can go up against the best teams.

Pinar is headed for the new season as Ufuk looks for the next big step in the BCL. The coach said that there is a big goal ahead of them and the journey to reach that big mark will always stay alive in the long run. That should give them an idea of how the club will strive to reach the top soon.

Asked by the media, Ufuk was quick to say that he has a lot of big goals along with the team. This puts the coach in a quest for a title right away as he tries to lead them to success.

‘We have a dream of a European cup. We want to be champions next year’, the coach said.

The team has been drawn in the Group B of the regular season along with the likes of Hapoel Bank, Baxi Manresa, and Arged BM. The top team will move on to the next round and push through the round of 16 all the way to the first play-ins.

Pinar reached the title game of the Final Eight but lost to Hereda San Pablo Burgos and settled as the runner-up for 2020-21.

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‘It’s not easy to play in the final series but we will do our best. Group games are important’, the coach said, ‘It’s the first part of the season but there will be rough games. There might be some games which don’t fit together but we want to play the games with our best and move to the next groups’.

The team made some changes in their roster, and Ufuk believes that his squad has grown a lot since that loss in the final. Perhaps the big change for them was to put in more energy on the paint and try to shoot more threes.

The lack of offensive options killed their chances in the final, so that should be their main focus. For Ufuk, this is a huge shift in their culture which will bring a title if they play their cards right in the 2021-22 season.

With more games to play ahead, Ufuk wants his squad to put more focus and effort into their performances. Aside from the changes in the offence, the coach has also added a new system that sees them try out a lighter version of the triangle offence.

Should Pinar ever win the league title, this would be a delight for Ufuk and it should also turn the squad into one of the clubs that would soon get a shot at the EuroLeague.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA