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Sergio Llull keen to serve as Madrid’s new captain
Sep 24, 2021, 4:15:00 AM

Sergio Llull keen to serve as Madrid’s new captain

Sergio Llull is the new captain for Madrid. He has spent 15 runs with the club and was named as the new leader for the team. The star has proved his worth over the years and his success with the club made him a big pick in being the next skipper for Madrid.

As soon as Felipe Reyes retired, all eyes were on Llull to be named the next captain. Just a few days after lifting his first trophy as the new leader, the star opened up about his future with the Blancos and how the victory in the Super Cup has helped him well as a captain.

The Madrid legend was named as the MVP of the Super Cup as they also won the title. Llull could not hold back his emotions and said it was very pleasing to see the work of his team as a whole. He is proud to lead them into battle and that comeback in the final was a game to remember.

‘We managed to come back and have that cool head to play the last moments well’, the new Madrid captain said. ‘We were able to win the first title of the season and it was important for us to start well’.

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Madrid is known for its success as a team. The club has made a name in Europe and is one of the best teams in the EuroLeague as well. There is no doubt that Llull is feeling the pressure of leading the team back into the playoff mix once more.

With fans coming back in the 2021-22 season, it is easy to expect that Madrid will have a lot of energy in their home games. They are going to play better than ever, something that Llull also wants to see in his next set of games.

‘I think it is basic, not only for a player like me but for everyone. We need the fans back in the arenas to enjoy basketball again together. In the end, basketball is a sport of emotions, of sensations. If you take away the crowds, you lose that appeal’.

Llull is set to take the Blancos to the next level and lead them to a title soon.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA