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May 27, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Shane Larkin Weighs In on the EuroLeague's Possible Return

The EuroLeague decided to suspend its season due to the pandemic. Anadolu Efes' Shane Larkin has said that it might be too risky to return too soon.

Larkin cites that the lack of physical activity can become the reason for players getting injured. This is a great point because players will be rusty when they come back to playing in the EuroLeague.

The former Boston Celtic has been productive for Efes this season. In 25 games and 15 starts, he has averaged 22.2 points per game punctuated with a 50.9% from beyond the three-point line.

He thinks that players should be the priority in this situation because they are risking their lives if they play or return to training amidst the threat of the pandemic. It is not the optimal move to make because it is not yet safe to go outside in the current climate that everyone is experiencing.

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The guard said, ‘This isn’t a typical offseason break where players can work on improving their game and physicality. For the last two months, a large majority of players haven’t been able to properly stay in shape. Mentally and physically, it isn’t an ideal situation to be thrown back into an intense and competitive atmosphere without having the time or recourses to prepare themselves’.

He also said that the league should be decided fairly. There are some teams in the league that do not have the ability to train in their own facilities in the current circumstances. There will be some teams that will have trouble taking off their rust after months of not playing organized basketball.

Larkin said, ‘We have a two-game lead on the first place and many people have picked us to win the championship. While that is the goal that we set out on at the beginning of the season, realistically the safety and well being of all people involved are much more important’.

He poses a great point because some fans think that players always want to play the game. Larkin poses that this is bigger than basketball. He wants the league to ensure that everyone should be safe and they should get the proper training before they return to playing.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA