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Jun 7, 2019, 4:01:00 PM

The best NBA game four wagers

The Raptors have put in one of the most impressive finals performances in a long time so far. They are making their first appearance in the finals, they are the underdogs against a side looking for three in a row, and they took the series lead away from home. All of these factors add up to make the Raptors a team that we should be celebrating, no matter how things end up. So far, the Raptors have dominated an impressive Warriors forward line and have been the kings of the blocks. The Warriors really need to pull out something special to come back from this.

This does not mean that the Warriors are out of things though – not by a long shot. While Kevin Durant is ruled out for game four, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are both cleared for it. They still have plenty of opportunities to turn the series around and make it three in a row.

The Raptors dominate the Warriors to lead the series 2 - 1

Most people expected the Warriors to come out of game three with a win under their belts and to be leading the series for the first time. The Raptors had other ideas. With both Durant and Thompson missing for this game, the Warriors were severely understrength. Curry stepped up and showed why he is the favourite for the MVP this season, but it was not enough to grab the win for the Warriors.

The game started with the Raptors pushing the Warriors hard. They knew that with only Curry out of their golden trio playing, if they could keep him isolated, then the Warriors would find it difficult. They managed this extremely well in the first period, with a number of vital blocks being carried out to stop the Warriors from scoring. Curry was the only Warriors player who could consistently find his range, and this left the Warriors struggling to keep up with the Raptors. The first period ended 36 - 29, giving the Raptors a nice lead going into the second period. The Warriors cottoned on to the Raptors’ tactic in the second period and it was a much closer affair. However, the Raptors still managed to keep the Warriors at bay and took the second period 24 - 23, leaving a half-time score of 60 - 52.

Even with Curry scoring a phenomenal 47 points, it was still not enough for the Warriors to stage a comeback. The Raptors continued to dominate the Warriors, and in the third period, they made it almost impossible for the Warriors to stage a comeback. Taking it 36 - 31 meant that they had a 13-point lead going into the final period. It was a more subdued period from both teams, with the Raptors taking it once again, 27 - 26, to give a final score of 123 - 109.

Can the Warriors stage a comeback in the next game? They have home advantage again, but if their performance is anything like this one, then the Raptors will be expecting another win. Even with the Raptors ahead in the series, the odds are even for each team to win the finals this year. If you have a favourite, then you can get awesome odds of 1.90 on either team right here at Sportsbet.

The Warriors to score under 109.5 points

One of the strangest happenings in the NBA finals so far is the number of points that the Warriors have scored. Across the three games in the series so far, they have managed to score 327 points – a number that can be perfectly divided by three. That is because they have scored the same number of points in all three of the games so far: 109. The odds of this happening are incredible.

That is why a wager on the Warriors to score under 109.5 points is so tempting. Even though they are at home, they have failed to score over 109 points in all of the games in this series. The Raptors seem to have worked out an effective defence to play against the Warriors. Despite Thompson returning for game four, there is still a good chance that the Raptors can shut them out again. You can get odds of 1.90 right here at Sportsbet for the Warriors to score under 109.5 – fantastic odds when you look at their current scoring rate.

The Raptors to win game four with a +3.5 handicap

The Raptors have been superb so far. They have taken to being in their first ever NBA finals like a duck to water. They shocked everyone when they managed to win the first game in the series, and they did it again by winning the third game as well. The Warriors need a big comeback in the fourth game or things could be looking very bleak for them.

The Raptors will feel like they can win the fourth game, especially with Durant still out, and with odds of 2.06 for them to win with a +3.5 handicap at Sportsbet, it is an unmissable wager. The Raptors will be full of confidence going into game four and the Warriors will be equally as deflated. These great odds make it one of the most tempting bets around.

Where to find the best NBA wagers

As the season draws to a close, it is safe to say that there is the potential for more twists and turns still to come. The Raptors have been excellent so far in the finals. They have a very good chance of stopping the Warriors from winning three in a row and refusing Durant his swan song. Of course, with Thompson returning for game four and the Warriors still being at home, things could change very quickly. That is why we offer the most up-to-date and high-quality markets around here at Sportsbet.

If you have a hunch about where the NBA finals are going to end up this year, then the only place to visit is Sportsbet. No matter what bet you want to place, we will have the market for you.

Words: Josh Dixon

Images: PA