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The most unusual stats from the NBA
Dec 3, 2021, 7:02:00 AM

The most unusual stats from the NBA

From Kobe Bryant’s historic 81 points to Jordan’s undefeated record in the finals, there are stat lines that will just leave you in awe of the NBA. There are more obscure ones than others, but they hold the same shock value once you get to learn each one. 

The NBA is extremely heavy with different stat lines where some are unknown to the average fan. There are the usual points, rebounds and assists that you see in every highlight reel. There are also those that focus on player efficiency rating, defensive win shares and plus-minus where only the most adept NBA analysts and basketball enthusiasts pay attention to. 

Throughout the history of basketball, there are extraordinary stat lines and averages that are simply impossible for a person to have achieved once you see the stat sheets. Your jaw will drop after finding out how incredible some of these players have achieved in NBA history. 

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Wilt Chamberlain’s 1960 regular season stat line: 34 PTS, 55 REB 

Wilt Chamberlain is like a unicorn appearing during the blue moon; he simply had this extraordinary gift of physical prowess where he could bully opponents with his 7’2” girth and had speed comparable to point guards. He could even pass the ball at an elite level that is rare for his size. 

In the 1960 regular season, Chamberlain averaged 34 points and 55 rebounds. In today’s NBA, nobody even comes close to achieving 20 rebounds, let alone more than double that! 

Chamberlain was simply a force to be reckoned with back in his days, but most analysts and NBA fans will argue that he reigned in an NBA league where the rules aren’t as stern as it is right now. For instance, the backcourt violation where players can’t stay for a long stretch was not implemented in the 60s era. 

This means that Chamberlain could simply wait in his team’s basket while his teammates are playing defence and a single rebound could simply lead to a full-court pass to him for an easy layup or dunk. 

His opposing defenders weren’t exactly the best as well, with how little technology and medicine are incorporated for past athletes that analysts used to describe players who guarded Wilt as ‘bakers’ and ‘plumbers.’ 

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Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant each scored 100 and 81 points respectively

Another Wilt accolade that broke so many records during the star’s tenure was the famous 100 point game he scored against the then Philadelphia Warriors. Not only that, the late Kobe Bryant, another Laker legend, broke the second-highest scoring record during the regular season. 

There’s something about the Lakers’ greats who keep on breaking records throughout the NBA’s lifespan. Wilt Chamberlain scored a whopping 100 points that no other player can even achieve until Kobe Bryant who was 19 points shy of taking that accolade from the former.

In 2006, Kobe Bryant manhandled the Toronto Raptors for a thrilling regular-season game where he scored 81 points. The impressive part about his game was that every point Kobe scored mattered or else the team would’ve been defeated. 

If his nickname ‘Mamba Mentality’ has not proven how he got that name in the first place, this incredible stat line should just about do the job at convincing you why he had the killer mentality only a few possess in the league. 

While the two did a remarkable feat that only the best of the world can do, there have been debates of Wilt’s scoring precipice being illegitimate due to the rules back then. Most will allude to Bryant’s 81 points as the more impressive stat line because the rules in the mid-2000s were more austere than Wilt’s era. 

However, you still cannot discount the fact that only Wilt was able to score ridiculous numbers every single game, so much so that he scored 50-60 points consecutively in a particularly short time. No one can dispute the hypothetical scenario of placing Wilt in the modern era that he would do similar amazing feats like he once did back in his prime. 

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LeBron James won three different rings in three different teams

People have been arguing on who the best player ever is: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? While most older players, analysts and fans would pick Michael Jordan, there are legitimate arguments to be made about LeBron being on top of the helm. 

Whoever you’re considering the best player is, there should be no question that in this generation from the mid-2000s to the late-2010s, LeBron James has been the most valuable player everywhere he goes. 

Unlike Michael Jordan, LeBron James decided to go to Miami and Los Angeles during his career and won championships on each team he played in, including the historic finals victory of the Cavaliers against the best 2016 regular season team, the Golden State Warriors.

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In fact, LeBron James is the only player to ever win three championships in three different teams and in each conference as well. No one in the history of the sport was able to do this, and he did it within a timespan where he is still at the near peak of his prime. LeBron in each of his 4 championships was the Finals MVP, an award given to the best player in the finals series. 

Currently, LeBron James is still playing at an elite level where he continues to score more than 25 points per game in the regular season, a feat that has never been achieved by past NBA legends at the same age. LeBron James is also on pace to be the all-time leading scorer as he sits at number 2 right now behind Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. 

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Words: Vonn Consul 

Image: PA