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Utah Jazz's Bojan Bogdanović is in heavy trade rumours
Jul 22, 2021, 3:59:00 AM

Utah Jazz's Bojan Bogdanović is in heavy trade rumours

Bojan Bogdanović is a standout player for the Utah Jazz. The team had the best season record in the league but it looks like they find Bojan expendable. Surprisingly, they want to trade Bojan but it’s understandable given that Bojan is 32 years of age and he doesn’t fit the timeline.

With Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert as the team’s main stars, the Jazz is committed to winning now given that both stars are committed to them. However, they have fallen in the first and second round respectively in the past two years which has led to some issues within the team’s sets on offence.

Bojan has looked stellar during his time with the Jazz but he is a step slower on defence which the Jazz pride themselves on. The Jazz might want someone in return who can fill the scoring void but can also play the defence that head coach Quin Snyder wants to highlight. 

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Bojan is the only name that the Jazz is dangling around because they have also involved fellow forward Joe Ingles in trade talks. That will be a big shift for the team because both Bojan and Joe are two of the team’s most reliable players. If the team decides to trade both of them, they will expect a considerable amount of talent in return.

Amidst the trade rumours, there are also reports that some executives within the team want to stick with the core lineup they had during their 2020-21 run. It will be hard to do given that most of the NBA are aware of their scheme on both sides of the basketball court.

Bojan can still be a solid member of the team since he can bring in his reliable scoring and precise shooting from beyond the arc. If Bojan and the Jazz can make it work, it will be interesting to see what the ceiling is for the Jazz. They still have Mitchell and Gobert but it will be hard to ensure their fans that they can win the title without making any roster moves.

Snyder and the team will prepare for another tough offseason but it looks like they’re intent on making some trade moves that might involve Bojan.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA