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Jun 7, 2019, 10:18:00 AM

What are the best bets for the NBA finals?

The NBA finals started with a bang in the first game of the series. The Raptors created what could be the start of a true underdog story and left the Warriors hoping and praying that Kevin Durant would be back during the series. It has been an exciting end to an incredible NBA season. The Raptors might not have managed to beat the Bucks to the top of the Eastern Conference, but they got past them in the Conference finals to make their first NBA finals. It is something for the ages, and something that no matter how the finals end, their fans can be proud of.

The Warriors are no pushover though. The Raptors may have taken the first game, but the Warriors are guaranteed to come back in the second game with more fight and desire. They have won three of the last four NBA finals for a reason, and they will feel that they can make it three in a row. The big question is can they arrive for the big games without their big-game player? There is still uncertainty over the injury to Durant, but the Warriors still have plenty of quality in their roster. Can they beat the Raptors to draw the series level?

The Warriors have a blistering third period to beat the Raptors

The Raptors went into this game knowing that a win would give them a cushion going into their first away game. They also knew that a loss would not be the end of the world for them. Going into the third game at 1 - 1 means that they are still well in the series. The Warriors knew that they needed a win in order to stay within touching distance of the Raptors. The Raptors gave it a good shot in this game, but the Warriors’ superior squad is what shone through.

The game started with the Raptors carrying on from where they left off in the first game. They attacked the Warriors and tried to build up a lead. Kawhi Leonard was behind a lot of the Raptors’ best plays and he showed his ability regularly. The Raptors had a slender 27 - 26 lead at the end of the first period. They were slightly stronger in the second period and pushed the Warriors even further behind. They took the second period 32 - 28, leaving the score at 59 - 54 to the Raptors at half-time. The Warriors needed to turn things around – otherwise the game would be beyond their reach.

Whatever was said to them at half-time truly worked. The Warriors came out and looked like a different team. They completely dominated the Raptors in the third period and took it 34 - 21. That 13-point turnaround left the Warriors with an eight-point lead going into the final period. The Raptors came back with a renewed sense of vigour, but it was not enough to cut the Warriors’ lead. The Raptors took the final period 24 - 21 to give a final score of 109 - 104 to the Warriors.

Can the Warriors build on this win to go on and take their third finals in a row? If you think they can, then right here at Sportsbet, we offer the best odds on wagers for the NBA finals.

The Golden State Warriors to win game three with a -7.5 handicap

The Warriors were not at their best in the first game in the series. The Raptors managed to push back against their formidable attack and showed the world that the Warriors are not invulnerable. However, the second game showed that the Warriors still have some of their magic left, and a blistering third period showed everyone just what they are capable of. With the third game in the series being a home game for the Warriors, it is safe to say that they are expected to really bring their “A” game.

That is why the Warriors should be able to turn the series in their favour with a big win. With the home crowd roaring them on, the Warriors will be going all out to try to crush the Raptors. A Warriors win with a -7.5 handicap will get awesome odds of 2.24 right here at Sportsbet.

 Over 213.5 points scored in game three

So far, the Raptors and the Warriors have both made it clear that they intend to go all out to win the finals. There has been very little attention paid to defence in either of the games so far. The Raptors in particular are more than willing to go for a three-pointer whenever the opportunity presents itself. This means that it is very likely that both teams will score over 100 points. In both games so far, each team has scored over 100 points, and with the Warriors being at home, they are likely to improve on their point scoring.

As the first game had a points total of 227 and the second game had 213, it means that there is a very good chance that the third game will go along the same road. A wager for the points total to be over 213.5 offers odds of 1.99 right here at Sportsbet. It will be almost impossible to find a better-value wager than that.

Where to go for your NBA enjoyment

The NBA finals are showing plenty of promise so far. Each team has a great chance to bring the title home for their fans. No matter who you think will win in the end, if you are planning on placing a wager on the finals, then there is only one place you should visit. Here at Sportsbet, we offer the biggest selection of markets and have the best odds of anywhere.

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Words: Josh Dixon

Images: PA