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Jun 3, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Why Defence Matters for Edy Tavares

Edy Tavares was named as the EuroLeague MVP for October 2018 for his superior defence. He earned the nickname of ‘Sergeant Swat’ for his dominance on the defensive end. He is a big piece for Real Madrid’s stellar defence in the EuroLeague since then.

Tavares was simply a reject in the NBA when he tried to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He went on to go back and continue his stint in the EuroLeague with Real Madrid and became the centrepiece for the franchise. 

He always wanted more, and that principle has always aligned with Real Madrid’s mentality of shaping players with the will to win. The club is known for its winning culture, and Tavares is glad that he is a big part of it.

‘This is a team that doesn't settle for one win and always wants more, until the end of the season’, Tavares said. ‘It was a great decision to come here because Real Madrid is a really powerful team and I was looking forward to being important on a team at this level and playing a lot of minutes’.

Tavares claimed that he was overwhelmed by the award two years ago. He was a big factor in the team’s 4-0 run for the month of October. He believed that the award means that he has done a great job with his duties in the club. It is more of a hint to help him do better every game.

‘I hope I can get more awards like this because it means that the team is winning; Thanks to my teammates’, said Tavares. ‘As a centre, if they don't pass me the ball, I am a nobody who would depend on offensive rebounds, so thanks to them, too’.

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Real Madrid has been known for its sheer dominance in the EuroLeague. They have been challenging CSKA Moscow for the most titles in the history of the league. It has been a tough race for the two teams in the past few years, but everyone is loving the action.

‘We know that being in the Final Four is difficult, so the more wins we get now, the better chances we will have at the end of the season’, Tavares added. ‘We know it is early in the season and being the reigning champion comes with responsibilities. All the other teams will be extra motivated against us because we are the champions. All games are difficult and we have to be ready for all of them’.

Tavares explained why defence is a big priority for a player like him who has the size and the wingspan. He just uses his size as a main force in the paint. He keeps on doing his job as an offensive rebounder and a shot-blocker as well. He keeps on helping the defence, which could later lead to transition offence.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA