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Here’s why should you bet on Eurocup basketball
Mar 22, 2022, 5:33:00 AM

Here’s why should you bet on Eurocup basketball

One of the top tournaments in the Euroleague is the Eurocup which is unique to other competitions in basketball in terms of playstyle. As the league gets more prominence from basketball fans, punters are eyeing their own betting scene which calls for more attention.

As basketball becomes more global by the second, fans are beginning to look for other options aside from American basketball to either consume sports media or bet on games. One of the top tournaments in the Euroleague is the Eurocup which is unique to other competitions in basketball.

How unique is it to other basketball leagues and why should punters place their wagers in such a tournament? Like any sport, basketball should be diverse in their talent pool and competitions to satisfy all types of fans in the world.

As the Eurocup leagues begins its annual tourney, here is everything you need to know before you place your bets.

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How the Eurocup started 

In 1958-2000, Euroleague monikered a different name called the FIBA European Champions Cup that was established by FIBA and is operated under its umbrella organisation. FIBA actually used the Euroleague name in the past for the competition in 1996 but never trademarked the brand.

Since FIBA has no legal grounds to use such a name, it started a new league in the 2000s called FIBA SuproLeague. The following season started with the two best European professional basketball team competitions namely the FIBA SuproLeague and Euroleague.

The two clubs were split between the two competitions. These are FIBA and Euroleague basketball. 

FIBA teams

    •   Panathinaikos

    •   Maccabi Tel Aviv

    •   PFC CSKA Moscow

    •   Anadolu Efes S.K.

Euroleague basketball

    •   Olympiacos

    •   Virtus Bologna

    •   Real Madrid Baloncesto

    •   FC Barcelona

    •   Paf Wennington Bologna

    •   Žalgiris Kaunas

    •   Benetton Treviso

    •   AEK B.C.

Joined forces

In 2001, Europe had two champions with each of the leagues: Maccabi of the FIBA SuproLeague and Kinder Bologna for its Euroleague counterpart. Both leagues thought that a unified competition is needed because they cancel each other and split viewership when they can just merge and become one tournament.

As a result, the European club was fully implemented into the Euroleague alongside the FIBA Suproleague. The two forces joined and became what is known today as the definitive Euroleague basketball.

How the Eurocup came to be

The Euroleague was divided into different club-country lines. While Euroleague basketball became a separate entity from the merging of the previous two leagues in the late 90s, FIBA is still in charge of the national competitions. 

However, Euroleague basketball took control over the European professional club tournaments including how the conferences are divided and played out during the playoffs. Since then, FIBA was in charge of the Korać Cup and Saporta Cup that lasted one more season until Euroleague finally remonikered the competition to the EuroCup. 

What is Eurocup basketball?

Eurocup basketball, currently known as the 7DAYS Eurocup, is an annual sponsorship competition organised by the Euroleague since 2002. The winner of this competition qualifies for the upcoming Euroleague season. 

This tournament only has 11 clubs, 3 of which have won the title at least twice. The most successful team in the tournament is Valencia Basket with 4 titles as of this writing. The current world champions are Monaco that won their first title after defeating the BC UNICS in the 2021 EuroCup.

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Why bet on Eurocup basketball now?

Euroleague basketball may look similar to the NBA but there are actually stark differences that make each viewing experience unique. If you are thinking about betting on Euroleague basketball as a whole, the Eurocup tournament should be the first on your list. 

Eurocup betting is one of the most enjoyable endeavours you can do for these following reasons: 

•   One of the top basketball leagues in the world

Euroleague basketball may not be as flashy as its NBA counterpart, but it sure does play similarly as it is one of the top basketball leagues in the world. While the two are definitely great in their own right, Euroleague basketball’s greatest asset is in its playstyle.

What you will notice when betting on the top Euroleague teams is the focus on overall offensive fluidity rather than athleticism. When you have NBA players who have 40 inch verticals, it’s easy to say that the NBA is a more active league.

However, Euroleague basketball players don’t necessarily have the most athletic players, but they all make up for it through practising the fundamentals and improving their skill set.

Luka magic

One great example of this is a player named Luka Doncic. Luka is now an NBA star who plays for the Dallas Mavericks and was previously a Euroleague player at 16 for Real Madrid.

Watching Luka play will give you the impression that he is not the fastest, strongest, and most athletic player in the league. However, despite all those shortcomings, he is still regarded as one of the best players in the NBA despite being so young in the league. 

While it’s true that there is nobody quite like Luka who’s currently playing in the Euroleague today, you can at least expect what type of players are there in the Euroleague.

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•   Skill-centric Euroeague incites more competition

Since the NBA is athletically-dominant than the Euroleague, does that mean the former is less competitive? It’s difficult to answer that question because there are certain levels of competition for both leagues. 

Unlike the NBA, Euroleague is among the most low scoring basketball leagues in the world because their defence is curated to stop specific offences. Without players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, teams in the Euroleague have to design defences that focus on how to stop schemes and not players. 

While watching more athletically inclined players compete against each other, it’s still great to have different varieties in the playstyle and see skilled-centric players compete at a high level. 

Is the Euroleague superstar reliant? 

The biggest reason why the intensity of competition fluctuates more frequently in the NBA is because of superstars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant opting to leave the teams they used to play for. 

For instance, in the 2016 offseason, Kevin Durant decided to join forces with Stephen Curry in Golden State and proceeded to go to 4 straight Finals and won 2 titles. The following season, Durant decided to go to Brooklyn, which shifted power from one team to the next. 

What this meant for the NBA is that the competition is not always stable because superstars dictate how the league will look like for years to come. LeBron James going to Miami turned the franchise into a dynasty. When he left to go to Cleveland, the latter team went on to go to 3 straight Finals.

Even though the NBA has a multitude of star players who can steam roll through the playoffs that makes for an exciting playoffs (e.g. A Cleveland vs. Golden State Finals for 3 straight years), Euroleague still gets the edge of having to question which team will even reach the Finals in the first place.

•   More diverse teams to bet on 

Since Euroleague relies so much on skills to make a presence in the offence, teams have unique attacking styles that make them diverse in the eyes of punters and fans.

This allows a lot of variety in betting because you’ll never know which teams will win the Eurocup because of different types of offence. Some will move the pace fast and score a lot of fastbreak points while some will execute their offence in the half-court.

This way, you can learn a lot when watching and find a lot of enjoyment at formulating key strategies surrounding the offensive and defensive schemes from different teams.

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How the odds work in the Eurocup league

Similar to other sports betting scenes, Eurocup basketball relies on different types of odds. Here are the odds types you can find in

    1. American odds

    2. Hongkong odds

    3. Decimal odds

    4. Malaysian odds

    5. Indonesian odds

These odds have similar features but are presented differently. For instance, the decimal format presents the odds with decimal figures while the American format presents them with a positive or negative symbol. The underdogs (+) for both systems are the less likely team to win against the favourites (-), who are heavily favoured. 

By understanding how to read the odds, you’ll also be able to pick up the different Eurocup betting lines that will provide you with better chances of winning.

Knowing the odds also helps punters easily determine who is more likely to win in a given game. It makes punters’ experience much more manageable through detailed numbers that immediately tell them who is more likely to dominate an opposing team. 

What you should always pay attention to is how to read them and which one is favoured over the other. That way, you can figure out which team has a better payout when you win a bet or which one is riskier to wager on when reading the Eurocup betting odds.

Different betting markets

Basketball betting markets are ways for punters to bet on a given game. Not only are they helpful for diversity in how sports betting is experienced, but they also give punters the options to strategically place bets that keep them coming back for more. Here are the most common betting markets in basketball:

    1. Winner (incl. overtime)

    2. Who will be the Eurocup Basketball MVP?

    3. Over/under betting

    4. Handicap betting

    5. Quarter/half betting

Best Eurocup contenders to bet on 

When betting on Euroleague basketball, there are a handful of teams that are worth your wagers. These 3 teams that are about to be showcased below are regarded as the leaders of the league in wins, offensive, and defensive efficiency which are factors that translate to better chances of winning for punters. Here are the best teams to bet on for the Eurocup tournament:

Virtus Bologna 

Virtus Bologna is among the most storied franchises in Eurocup history having participated in multiple dynastical decades from the early 40s to the late 70s. They might have had struggles along the way. But like the San Antonio Spurs, they keep on coming back to dominate the league. 

During the 2019 season, Virtus Bologna signed a three-year deal with Miloš Teodosič and instantly became popular contenders for the Eurocup challenge each year. Miloš is a 2016 Euroleague champion and former NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers. 

After his injury during the 2017 season, he moved to Virtus Bologna to continue his basketball career. In the 2020-21 season, Miloš helped the team win its 16th championship against Olimpia Milano by sweeping them in the Eurocup. If there’s one team to bet on based on their history of winning, it’s Virtus Bologna and their historic franchise. 

Valencia Basket 

Valencia Basket is one of the top Eurocup teams that keep on qualifying for the tournament. In 2017, they qualified for the second time in the Spanish Liga ACB Finals series.

Even though they lost the 2017 Eurocup tournament against Real Madrid, they made up for it by defeating Alba Berlin in the Eurocup Finals in the 2019 season.

With players like Jasiel Rivero and Bojan Dubljević, Valencia is looking to vye for another championship in their rafters and become one of the elite teams that punters can rely on every single year. 

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban

PBC Lokomotiv Kuban is a Russian-based basketball team that plays in the Euroleague and has been to numerous Eurocup championships. In the 2021 season, the team signed champion guard Quinn Cook who played for multiple NBA championship teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers.

What sets them apart from other teams is their unpredictability in the offence with Evgeniy Pashutin coaching on the floor. With reliable players and a star head coach, it’s hard not to bet on this incredible team. 

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