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Apeks parts ways with jkaem after roster plans changed
Dec 22, 2020, 6:28:00 AM

Apeks parts ways with jkaem after roster plans changed

Apeks has decided to part ways with Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad. His agent Asger Kvalvik has said that there are ongoing talks with another team. The former 100 Thieves player will change teams again, just two months after he left the North American org. 

This was surprising news for the CS:GO scene as Apeks was looking to be a top team in Europe. They wanted to build a Norwegian org that can compete with the rest of the region. WIth jkaem leaving, Apeks only has three players in the lineup as they benched Martin ‘Nasty’ Garvik earlier in December.

Apeks released a statement that talked about jkaem’s exit. They wrote, ‘A lot of money has been spent on getting Joakim home, with a common understanding that time would be spent on building a Norwegian top roster, but these thoughts seem to have evaporated. We are changing our plans but not the goal, it will just take a little longer’.

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It has also been said that jkaem received an offer that he could not refuse. Because of this, Apeks had no choice but to buy him out from his contract. This would have been a big team in Europe led by former Fnatic star Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman but it will need a little bit more time before this project takes off. 

It is a shame because jkaem was performing very well for the team. He was regularly having great games with a positive KDA compared to the rest of the Apeks squad. It is evident that they were going to build the team around him but it is not going to happen now. 

The rumoured squad to scoop him is FaZe Clan as they have the money to afford him. He will also join a squad that has potential to be a Major-winning team as they have the talent to reach the top of the CS:GO scene. Whatever team that will sign him will be a better squad because jkaem is a stellar talent who can be a star for any team in the world. Hopefully, he can maintain his form as he was playing extremely well for Apeks before his exit.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA