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Dev1ce hopes for a bigger run with NiP
Apr 30, 2021, 6:30:00 AM

Dev1ce hopes for a bigger run with NiP

Astralis star Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz has now been moved to the Ninjas in Pyjamas roster. The star is now eager to come up with a much bigger run with his new team. He hopes to earn a chance at getting a trophy after falling short in the past few tourneys of 2021 with Astralis.

After running the front show of CS:GO with Astralis, dev1ce is now headed to seek a new chance at NiP. The lack of solid wins and a few short runs have led to the huge call made by the former Astralis star as they are yet to win a title in 2021. 

Dev1ce himself asked for the move, and he is now set for a three-year deal with NiP. He wanted to work from Stockholm and have a team around him. He has been going back and forth to Copenhagen, where the Astralis Group base is located. 

The star looks forward to having a better run with NiP, but still looks back in his time with Astralis. In the span of five years, dev1ce has been a multi-Major winner with the team and is seen as a huge talent.

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‘Astralis has been such a big part of my life, the team, and the organization, and I say goodbye to a bunch of awesome teammates and great people in the organization’, dev1ce said. ‘I’ve lived in Sweden for some time now, speaking the language and I’m really hyped about this young and exciting NIP project’.

Dev1ce is one of Astralis’ first players in 2016. He’s been a part of the journey all the way while capping off a run of four Major trophies. The star has also earned a total of 18 MVP awards and is a part of the HLTV top 20 since 2014. 

To top that off, five of those years saw dev1ce earn a top-three finish. 

NiP is set to give dev1ce his debut at Flashpoint 3 starting on May 10. He will play along with the likes of Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner and Nicolas ‘Plopski’ Zamora. That surely makes up for a very promising team that has what it takes to win big in the coming CS:GO tourneys.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA